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Thursday, July 31, 2008

31st July 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Your focus is very pointed and you wish to achieve well, that will lead to lot of auspiciousness and lucky developments, you have every thing to gain
Day special – god is kind to you in many ways, career is progressing and family is supportive, if you are studying then also you are doing well
Despite your good intentions there are pressures on you, you are good to others and knowledge is improving, but obstacles are also showing in this period
Do – there is need to concentrate more in such weak periods, that can help you and improve the situation
Don’t – don’t put your money into risk as that can lead to loss, if you are studying then don’t waste your time at this stage
Stable period in every way, family is supportive and profession is stable, you are on the right track of your goals and efforts
Day special – this is the period to consolidate your gains, keep your focus intact and you will realize that there is nothing wrong
Some pressures of travels or expenses can bother you, that can cause some health related issues as well, this is a period to keep patience
Do – you will have to shed your fears and anxieties, also you have to take care of health, that is the need at this moment
Don’t – don’t panic as there is nothing really adverse, happiness is a state of mind, don’t क्रिएट any situation in your mind to cause unhappiness
Financially stable period and you are thinking about money only, but money is being routinely spent and that is the cause for concern, in relationships also there are inherent problems
Day special – this is a continuing weak period which requires better care, you cannot be rigid in your attitude as that can cause more problems
Stable and happy period in many ways, professional gains are indicated and there is no cause for concern, there is need to invest money in business and fulfill your family needs
Do – generally your focus is stable and there is no cause for concern, your involvement towards work as such that it will give you good rewards
Don’t – don’t ignore your studies and your hard work, these are the weak areas which need involvement, don’t let this weakness surface
Very lucky period for professional prosperity, financially this becomes more advantageous, business needs funds and those will be arranged
Day special – everything is stable but your efforts are unstable, there are ups and downs in that, have regular focus and you will gain tremendously
Stressful period as routine pressures are continuing to bother you, financial pressures are also there, but your needs will be met and there will be no problem
Do – this is a period to control your psychological stress, understand that pressures are there for everyone, you are no exception
Don’t – don’t stretch your luck too far, especially in money matters don’t depend on luck unnecessarily
Focus towards career is stable, this is the need of the hour also, expectations from you to perform are higher
Day special – happy period for home family and overall prosperity, some unstable thinking has to be protected, that is the requirement at this stage
You are getting stressed psychologically, there are issues connected with family and marriage that bother you
Do – plan any travel and movement carefully, that can also increase your stress, related health issues also require care
Don’t – don’t let stress emerge in your marital life, marriage and relationship require lot of patience, don’t let any pressure emerge in that
Some love relationship is under pressure, your expectations may not be met and that is a worry, overall patience is required in life at this stage
Day special – avoid getting into conflicts as that will not help, don’t get into any legal complications also as that can be painful
Home family and relationships are giving you happiness, even career and business can be rewarding, this is a happy period to gain from these forces
Do – protect yourself from differences with boss, even in family and marriage differences have to be avoided
Don’t – don’t ignore the fact that your profession needs your involvement, this has to be in the form of better knowledge and skills to handle your responsibilities, don’t ignore that

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