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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

3rd July 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are making progress in life yet you are dissatisfied, you wish to move ahead faster then ever before, dissatisfactions have its own negativity
Day special – generally every thing is stable, personal life has more issues which make you uneasy, that needs your involvement better, let no one spoil your image at your work place
Financial position makes you happy, prosperity in home and family is gods gift, luck is generally favorable and supporting you
Do – factors of dissatisfactions are not valid, make your thinking stable and you will find lot of happiness in this situation itself
Don’t – don’t put your money into any kind of risk, even profession needs to be protected from such upsets of expenses or losses, don’t let this negativity over power you
Weak period as you are worried, your worries are connected with your studies, basically time is being wasted and you are not moving ahead
Day special – some love relationship has inherent confusions, clarity is not emerging and that is making you very distressed, that is causing routine stress on your mind
Weak period as there are differences of opinion with others, even in marital relationship dissatisfactions are there, your money is being wasted because of these ups and downs
Do – maintain lot of patience and keep your stress away, even in business partnerships lot of care is required
Don’t – don’t let problems arise due to financial matters, in any discussion don’t loose your anger as that will harm your own interests
You are not aware of the facts and that is your problem, that is the reason for problems in life, family disputes need to be protected for this very reasons
Day special – business investments will bring lot of gains, taking loans for business at this stage may be advantageous, but first you have to get convinced with this thought
Problems in love relationships can spoil your happiness, your elders are having firm views and they are right in their own way
Do – you are depending on luck to solve your issues better, but you may be making a mistake at this stage and that needs to be understood
Don’t – don’t push your ideas for any kind of change in your life, such decisions need to be postponed for a while, lot of maturity is required to handle this issue, don’t do anything in haste
Your expectations are very high and that makes you dissatisfied, generally you get full help and support from others, but your expectations are not practical
Day special – god is kind in many ways, still you are dissatisfied and that does not give any happiness, remaining happy is more important than material comforts and gains in life, remember that
Your involvement towards work is excellent, still you remain dissatisfied because of over work, you wish to do so much more but some times it is not possible
Do – by remaining distressed you will not solve these issues, in fact this is a day to relax and not think too much, stay calm and that will solve the issues on your mind
Don’t – don’t let any differences emerge at your work place, boss needs to be understood, don’t get into any argument at this stage
Financial pressures are there, because your expenses are wasteful, that is a fact which needs to be understood
Day special – in marriage don’t say anything which may cause differences of opinion, as such marital issues need to be handled better
Health related issues are continuing, if some infection is there then take proper investigations
Do – career may also be under pressure because of health, investigation may reveal that the problem is not what you were initially thinking, hence take proper treatment
Don’t – don’t put your money into any kind of risk, that will lead to confusions uneasiness and disputes, don’t get into any legal hassles connected with money
Your focus towards studies have to improve now, remaining uneasy and dreaming only will not help, you have to get down to work
Day special – far off linkages connected with your decisions may have many confusions, proper planning is required to remove those doubts first
Issues connected with finance bother you immensely, needs of home and family have to be fulfilled
Do – generally you can fulfill all the responsibilities, but when pressures increase you become uneasy, that is a natural human tendency
Don’t – don’t be worried by these factors, god is kind in many ways and every thing is all right, but financial pressures may be there, protect yourself from any kind of loss, don’t let that happen

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