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Thursday, July 3, 2008

4th July 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You wish to hand over control of your business to children, but you are a little worried, some internal opposition in family may also be there
Do – do what your heart tells you, apprehensions may be there but your thinking is right
Don’t – don’t have doubts on the abilities of people around you, give them trust and they will be fulfilled, hence don’t be uneasy
Excellent period for professional prosperity and stability, expenses are high and that bothers you
Day special – changes in business may not be required, that can put you under psychological pressure, this is a gainful period and be content with this situation
Mixed period, luck favors you, but obstacles and pressures are immense
Do – on financial matters stay calm, raising loans at this stage may lead to obstacles
Don’t – don’t put your money into risk, don’t ignore the strength of your existing profession, that is your real strength
You may gain from unexpected sources also, but you may remain under pressure, lot of peace is required at this stage
Day special – if you remain uneasy it may lead to impulsive decisions, that can lead to your loss only, patience therefore is the key word to sail through smoothly
Pressures differences and conflicts are indicated, that is your own thinking, that is made up in the mind
Do – look at the gains from your profession, that is where your focus is needed, anything leading to conflicts may be postponed
Don’t – don’t ignore your health as that is a lingering issue, psychologically your are worried that aggravates that, don’t let your thinking make you unwell
Stressful period for children, your uneasiness is not letting you utilize your precious time correctly
Day special – despite this weakness luck is favoring you immensely, these forces can make your career and put you on the right path, but be careful at this stage and don’t waste your time
Stable period for career and you are doing very well, this can give you immense financial gains
Do – steep rise is possible with your own efforts, luck may not support you but overall situation will give you gains
Don’t – don’t get into differences with elders, understand their view point and accept the advice, don’t get into conflicts on small matters
Very lucky period for your hard work to give gains, your own commitment towards work will work wonders, your image may rise because of these positive forces
Day special – routine uneasiness has to be avoided, your own well-wishers and loved one’s may not support you fully, towards them have lot of patience
Very lucky period generally, but don’t put your money into risk, don’t take any decisions in confusions
Do – being too forceful and egoistic is not required; being mild is the key to your success
Don’t – don’t get into family related conflicts, marriage needs to be protected, be very humble in whatever you speak, don’t ignore that
Others may support you fully, but you may not get advantage of that, you may risk your money and that can lead to problems
Day special – your own thinking is one sided, a balanced view in life is more important, any extremes of thinking can lead to problems
Weak period in many ways, pressures in career, losses in business and health concerns are there
Do – take care of all these weaknesses step by step, the first step is to take care of your health
Don’t – don’t think of any immediate changes in life, those may not be required, a little more patience is needed, don’t take decision in haste
Stressful period in financial issues, legal matters can spoil the stability of your life
Day special – very stable and intelligent thinking is required, don’t think of money alone, think of profession children family, other things need to be postponed

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