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Thursday, July 24, 2008

25th July 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi

Your focus towards career is praise worthy, you want to work hard for that and that will give rewards, you must continue this effort forcefully
Day special – all this has to be done without any doubts on your mind, you have doubts or dissatisfactions connect with home and family and that is a negativity
Travels changes or movement can bother you, that is not a good indication and you must protect yourself from that, you have been thinking of change of place but that is not well indicated
Do – plan properly as you can go wrong, think rationally and only then you will protect yourself
Don’t – don’t push for any change without carefully understanding the implications, there are many hidden factors which are not known to you, don’t be caught in that
You are thinking of money for gains and prosperity, apparently a stable period for all this to happen, but consider the hidden factors also
Day special – there are hidden upsets in financial matters, many obstacles may emerge to upset you, but your career is still stable to give you gains
Your involvement towards work will give you good results, despite the fact that there are some obstacles you will still do well
Do – inherently you are worried for expenses changes or movements, you are not satisfied about many such issues, hence there is need for careful planning
Don’t – don’t ignore your health as there are hidden issues connected with that, mild differences of opinion also have to be controlled,
Luck favors you immensely and there is not cause for concern, but you are worried for many hidden factors which are there, in expenses and also in movements there are hidden issues
Day special – your knowledge will help you immensely at this stage, there are factors and need to protect your self at this stage, for which you have to keep a lot of patience
Stress can be on account of monetary factor, just because of monetary situation is stable you cannot take risks, if you do that you are bound to incur loss
Do – rational thinking is very important as that is lacking, you’re thinking too much into extremes and that is not required
Don’t – don’t put your money into risk, someone may cheat you, even in love relationships there can be upsets in the form of cheating
You are worried for your career but these worries are made up in your mind, changes in profession can be postponed for a while, that will reduce your tensions,
Day special – generally stable period with no real cause for concern, shed these fears and anxieties and you will be happy
You sometime think that luck is not favoring you, but that is not the case as psychologically you remain stressed, you have to shed these anxieties of your mind,
Do – involvement towards your work is praise worthy, family is supportive and that gives happiness
Don’t – don’t let routine differences appear in your life, some minor factors of stress are there every where, don’t let that over power you
Stressful period as you are very worried, this period needs lot of patience and care, you need to understand these forces to protect your interests
Day special – you have to understand that someone is trying to harm you, if you understand this game plan then you will not let it happen, have lot of patience as that is the key to your success
Have total faith in yourself and in your family, that will remove the stress and tensions, ups and downs in life will always be there,
Do – foremost need is to involve towards your spouse and family, that is your responsibility and they need your support
Don’t – don’t make mistakes, don’t put your money into risk, that can distress you, don’t let that happen
Health concerns can be there, you are not taking proper care, that it the cause for upsets,
Day special – take proper investigation and treatment, even in any matter connected with profession don’t believe hearsay, find out the facts yourself
You have to resolve the differences in love relationship then you have to discuss the matter, but discussion should be without having doubts in your mind, only then you can protect your relationship
Do – have trust in others, discuss matter with an open mind, only then you will avoid disputes
Don’t – don’t take decisions with financial reasoning only, there is more to money in life and that has to be understood, don’t make that mistake as that can lead to problems only

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