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Thursday, July 31, 2008

1st August 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are determined to succeed in life, you wish to put your money for increasing your abilities, that can be in the form of education or further studies
Day special – all this is a good indication, this will make your career and this will make your future, your focus is right and god is helping you in your efforts
Very auspicious indication for prosperity, professional well being is indicated, your own hard work is giving you these rewards
Do – continue this effort as you are on the path of success, even if you have doubts about your abilities still you must go on, that is your strength
Don’t – don’t put your money into any risk, that is an indication for and also for risks in career, don’t spoil the stability of your life and your career
Your monetary situation is stable but you are risking it immensely, this is a rigid attitude and you are not prepared to take any advice
Day special – mixed influences, luck favors you and also creates obstacles for you, it is better to focus towards your career and not risk your money at this stage
Excellent sense of self-confidence and well being, but many obstacles and upsets can be there, especially for your career there can be unexpected problems
Do – be very mild and humble to others, your supporters may have some motives in their mind, protect yourself from that
Don’t – don’t be rigid in your attitude, don’t loose your temper, that can harm your interests
Pressures in many ways, financial pressures as also differences of opinion, your supporters are trying to help you, even your spouse is helpful, but you are too rigid
Day special – in your sense of rigidity your are creating disputes in your life, that is of your own making and you are responsible for that
Financial prosperity is indicated, god is kind in many ways, gains from business are also indicated but losses are also there
Do – protect your relationship at this stage, getting into differences can be very unfortunate
Don’t – just because financial prosperity is there don’t waste your money, don’t get into impulsive spending as that is a kind of loss only
You are devoting lot of time and effort towards your career, that is a remarkable situation and you will gain from it, the main gains are in the form of knowledge and happiness from everyone,
Day special – even financial prosperity is well indicated, you will realize that god is helping you in every way
Luck is favoring you as you enter into a overall period of auspiciousness, professional prosperity is the focus which needs your total involvement
Do – this is the time to progress and showcase your abilities, professional advancement is because of your own commitment towards work, that you must increase
Don’t – don’t ignore the help from others which you may get in your career, don’t reject that help straight away, consider all options
Stressful period has been continuing for you, but one by one the circumstances will start becoming favorable, the beginning is being made from now
Day special – this is a generally auspicious period with no real worry, psychologically you are a little stiff and that is a negative factor, be mild and pleasant to others
Very helpful period in many ways, career is stable and that is a blessing, but you can make mistakes which can prove very costly
Do – listen to others and take their advice, that can be helpful to you, that can also protect you at this stage
Don’t – don’t put your money into risk; don’t make your own mistakes as that can lead to upsets financially
Health concerns can be there, even some professional issues may crop up, this is a period to keep lot of patience
Day special – weakness has been there in some form or the other, but turn-around is just beginning to happen, step by step many things will get resolved
Some love relationship is on your mind, but there are more upsets in happiness in it, conflicts and differences have been continuing
Do – putting your money to resolve your problems is not a wise decision, conflicts can still continue which need to be resolved
Don’t – don’t be too rigid in your decisions, especially decisions connected with finances or expenses, there is inherent risk of loss due to your rigid attitude

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