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Sunday, July 6, 2008

6th July 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Your focus is towards some relationship which you want keep hidden from others, especially from your family and your parents, there can be real pressures if you move on this path
Do – honesty and sincerity is better then keeping things hidden from others, move ahead with conviction if you are satisfied, that is the way to achieve happiness
Don’t – don’t panic if you are on the right path, auspiciousness is supporting your efforts, don’t expect any thing in a magical way
Your focus towards home and family will bring happiness, this a period to get gains, be mild in what ever you speak
Day special – don’t right anything for which you may repent later, in any method of communication be mild and understanding
Your own abilities will shine with your hard work, changes are not require and you will realize that slowly,
Do – career continues to be stable and will give you happiness, you will get excellent support from others and you must take that
Don’t – don’t be confused or uneasy because of obstacles, don’t be angry by what every provocation you may have
It’s a moment of test for your patience and for your money, don’t trust anyone blindly as that can lead to some intrigue against you
Day special – very stressful period in a very hidden form, have lot of patience and postpone any decision for the time being, especially any financial decision should not be taken at this stage
Luck is with you in many ways but you are not convinced, you are thinking everything is a problem it is a nothing but a negative thinking which you are carrying
Do – look at the positive virtues in your life, relationships are positive and friends are helpful, studies are stable and career is stable, then why do you worry
Don’t – don’t make self-created mistakes out of any confusions, that can lead to more harm, don’t let that happen
Weak period as there are many problems, obstacles cause psychological upsets also, because of this you can risk your money and incur loss
Day special – this is the period to involve in your work, that is your strength and that will help you, monetary issues need to be put aside for a while.
Very favorable period continues, but don’t consider your profession as a money making machine alone, for professional excellence you have to think differently
Do – have stability in your performance, ups and downs in that can cause upsets, financial prosperity gives you happiness
Don’t – don’t ignore your own abilities, you can reach the height of success with your own hard work, this is your strength don’t let this get reduced in any way
Career is stable and your commitment is praise worthy, but routine pressures reduce this strength, you are not able to take this kind of pressure
Day special – day to day pressures have to be managed better, understand the importance of time management, boss needs to be handled better
Stressful period as many pressures are on you, you have to keep your thinking very stable and positive, as such there is lot of protection to help and support you
Do – career is on the verge of growing now, for that you will get excellent support in the days to come
Don’t – don’t keep any thing hidden from the eyes of the world, whether it is money relationships or expenses, don’t be secretive
Pressures connected with marriage may be there, you had made mistakes earlier now you are thinking negatively,
Day special – you will come out of these problems very soon, be optimistic and live life when it comes, there is no need to panic
Lack of trust will lead to disputes, financial prosperity is ensured as there is nothing wrong, but expenses and professional issues can be distressful
Do – keep patience and stay calm, entering into disputes will not help, discussions will solve the problems
Don’t – don’t even in professional matters don’t bring about unnecessary changes, any decisions based on confusions or dissatisfactions should not be taken,
Stressful period financially and psychologically, even relationships you are stressed, you are risking your money because of all these factors
Day special – only two factor shine to give you stability, one is your profession and other is your hard work, all other factors need to be assessed better, if possible postpone those decisions

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