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Sunday, July 13, 2008

13th July 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Favorable indications for you to progress in your studies, but you will face pressures and challenges to perform well, that pressure will be your personal desire to move ahead and make your career
Day special – you will get excellent support from your friends well wishers and family, luck is with you to progress and achieve in life, your own efforts are praiseworthy
You will be able to perform very well in your studies, your speaking abilities are excellent and that is your strength, the biggest strength is that you can put in constant efforts and hard work
Day special – you have to shed your fears and anxieties, you think that luck may not favor you, but don’t have dependence on luck as that is not the right attitude
You have excellent self confidence, you can project yourself very well as you can make an impact on others, but there are certain weaknesses which you have to understand
Day special – the biggest weakness is that you do not write, what ever you wish to study or learn make it a habit to write that and it will help you immensely
You have the abilities to perform but you don’t have patience, you can study well and that is a strength, but on the negative side you loose temper and you are very uneasy
Day special – be mild to others as that will help you to progress well in life, some pressures or obstacles can be there, your constant hard work can control these weaknesses
God is kind to give you this excellent opportunity to study well and make your destiny, you are determined for that and there is no cause for concern
Special - the ups and downs of your thinking is not looking good, you have the tendency of becoming stiff in your attitude, that makes you think that you are right, that can reduce your efforts towards your chosen path, there can be ups and downs in your studies for that reason also
Weak period for your studies as you are confused and uneasy, inherent factors of upsets or problems are also there, obstacles have to be removed by your constant efforts
Day special – your efforts are not up to the mark also, but in this situation there is astrological guidance for you, you have to improve upon these factors and work hard, as such you will be able to settle well in life and that is important
You are confused as to what path you should take, studies are stable and your efforts are well directed, but you are not sure as to what will be your career, that requires proper planning
Day special – the present dissatisfactions will be remove soon, you make this beginning with your proper focus for hard work, the path will open up on its own
You have nothing to worry as everything is stable for you, your focus is right and luck is also favoring you, you own thinking is stable and helpful
Day special – you have to learn to be regular in your studies, that is one factor which can make all the difference for you, as such your studies may take you away, but that will prove to be beneficial for your auspiciousness and settlement in life
Extremely good period for you to step into this period ahead, there are too many thoughts on your mind and that is a negativity, you create pressures for yourself whereas they are not needed
Day special – your own self-confidence is immense and you will get help from others, your personal and professional well being is ensured and you will achieve well, there is no need to panic
Your focus should be towards your studies only, whereas you are thinking more for relationships and enjoyments in life, that should be avoided as that can divert your focus
Day special – these are the inherent obstacles in your path, these can be called self-created mistakes, routine pressures have to be accepted and you have to constantly work hard towards your goals
Excellent period for your studies to progress well, you are intelligent and there is all kind of support to you, negativity is only in your extremes of thinking
Day special – you are always thinking of alternatives and that does not give stability, stick to what you are doing today, dreaming of something which is not valid today is not right, avoid that diversion of mind
You have the abilities in abundance, you can study well and make your career, but you have to understand that there is some thing more required than abilities also
Day special – you tend to create doubts in yourself, these are created in your mind and they are not valid, but these factors cause immense obstacles in the smooth path of your studies, you have to control this negative thinking

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