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Monday, July 7, 2008

8th July 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Your own abilities and hard work need to be improved, you are on the right track of your efforts, in some love relationship protect yourself from written matter which may be misunderstood
Do – this is a favorable period and gain as much as you can from these forces, your own thinking is in the right direction and that is a big factor which will prove beneficial
Don’t – don’t have lack of trust in family, even in whatever you speak there is a risk of misunderstanding, don’t let that happen
You will gain from family and property, your involvement in relationship is remarkable, that will bring you happiness
Day special – in what ever you do you must have total faith in others and in yourself, that is the key to your success and to your happiness
Very favorable period for your self-confidence and for your prosperity, some over confidence can lead to reduction of your own efforts, that is a weak area which needs protection
Do – in financial matters protect yourself from differences of opinion, money can be stuck because of these reasons, protect yourself
Don’t – don’t have over confidence and don’t have egoistic attitude, that may be a good thing but it has its own negativity, listen to others as that will help you, don’t ignore this advice
Your over dependence on money will lead to losses, this period suggests your involvement in family, that will bring better rewards
Day special – financial pressures may continue, but your wasteful expenses will now be under control, some worries connected with health or family members can bother you
Your focus towards money is excellent, but for that reason your career is suffering, some hidden factors in your business can lead to wasteful outflows also
Do – protect yourself from this wasteful outflow at this stage, generally it is a favorable period for financial prosperity, gain from these forces
Don’t – don’t ignore that there are sudden upsets in relationships, ups and downs of thinking will upset you, don’t trust your friends fully until you have ascertained there motive
You are now seriously thinking about change in your profession, if this has some far off linkages then you may actually benefit from this
Day special – this planning can put lot of pressure on you, that is a step to watch, but generally your financial position will be well protected
Very auspicious period for financial prosperity, everything is under control and there is nothing to worry, some obstacles in career can be there
Do – your own involvement in your work will reduce these obstacles, your involvement is now increasing and that will improve your profession also
Don’t – don’t under estimate the goodness of this period, you can actually benefit from these forces if you plan well, don’t ignore this aspect in any way, but don’t get into conflicts at the same time
Very auspicious period in many ways, but you are stressed for your work, some important person connected with your work must be handled with care
Day special – routine pressures continue, some factors connected with work need to be postponed, if you have to discuss something important then wait for ten days
Luck will support you in many ways, marital issues are now under control, even your career is now growing very fast
Do – this situation is very auspicious and you must gain from this, the stress of your profession is now over and you must look forward to the growth pattern
Don’t – don’t get into any monetary conflicts, it can be out of confusions and lack of knowledge, but it can spoil friendships, don’t let that happen
Stressful period in many ways, health is a concern and that is to be protected, money can be put into risk and that requires lot of care
Day special – it is better to be cautious in such periods, otherwise one has to repent later, taking precautions is more important than to get into financial troubles which may have long term impact
Very stable for some love relationships to blossom, it can lead to marriage also and thoughts are directed towards that
Do – confusions and dissatisfactions have to be shed in this period, that will lead to better harmony in life and your happiness will be ensured, family issues need to be protected as this is a weak period for that
Don’t – don’t mix relationships with monetary decisions, that can be unfortunate and that can lead to pressures, personal life or relationships cannot be weighed in money, don’t do that
Issues or disputes in family have to be protected, even in marriage you have to try and understand each other, you are being too egoistic and that is the problem
Day special – your own thinking is full of ups and downs, lot of stability is required but it will take time to achieve that, in the mean time you have to keep lot of patience

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