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Sunday, July 20, 2008

21th July 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi

You wish to achieve so much more in your life, for that you are trying to make efforts also, mentally also your thinking is on the right track
Day special – but do all this with a positive attitude, don’t be uneasy or dissatisfied with you circumstances, that is not going to help
God is kind in many ways and you are doing fine, professional matters are under control and there is no cause for concern, dependence on luck will not help and your own efforts will give the results
Do – in this entire effort you should take everyone along, take their views and take their help, more than anything else involve with others communicate with them and be very humble
Don’t – don’t put your money into risk unnecessarily, that is valid for any business related expense also
God is kind and there is no cause for concern, generally every thing is stable but you are very uneasy, some uneasiness can be due to obstacles and there may be financial obstacles
Day special – still everything will be taken care of, worries will not solve problems, your own involvement will solve that, as such your self-confidence will help you
Weak period in many ways, obstacles in career can depress you, high expenses can also bother you
Do – take care of health as nothing should be left to chance, proper investigations are required,
Don’t – don’t doubt the intentions of your partner, that can be the cause for obstacles at this stage, don’t let that happen
Weak period for health factors, more than anything else you are thinking too much about it, that is another reason for these upsets
Day special – as such it is a weak period and you are being too sensitive, your career needs to be protected and your health needs to be protected, devote your energies and time towards that
You are distressed for some love relationship that is not working out the way you had planned, you have not given enough time to it
Do – devote more time towards your relationships and try to protect them, career is stable and even if you take away some time for that the career will not hamper
Don’t – don’t enter into any kind of psychological disputes, that can have long term effects which must be avoided, don’t enter into any fight or break the ties completely
Generally every thing is stable, your knowledge will help you in many ways, but you are not satisfied about how others are giving you help
Day special – you want much more from some property or some family relationships, dissatisfactions are not letting full rewards emerge for you
You are not satisfied about the way you are devoting time for your work, you have to achieve much more for which you have to plan your time, your career requires your time your family requires your time, you have to find a balance between the two
Do – you will be able to achieve this balance if you stay calm and not get agitated
Don’t – don’t ignore the fact that lot of planning is required at this stage, moving in an unplanned manner you will loose lot of money, don’t let that happen
You are not happy about your financial situation, expenses or losses can bother you and you are not careful about that
Day special – home family and marriage are on your mind, but all this is putting pressure on you financially also, boss can be troublesome, protect yourself from that
You are dissatisfied with your financial position, you have taken too many financial risks and that is a problem
Do – shed the uneasiness as this is your biggest enemy, stop risking your money and understand this importance
Don’t – don’t let your professional knowledge diminish because there are pressures, in fact you have to work more to increase this knowledge as that will help
You are very worried for changes or losses, but you cannot do anything much in this situation, financial position as सुच is stable, all your needs will be met
Day special – luck may not favor you at this stage, hence protect your family happiness at any cost
Impulsive outflows bother you, you don’t think before you spend, that is the cause for some financial disputes also
Do – change your attitude by constant effort, you have to plan every step of your life at this stage
Don’t – don’t think that disputes can resolve your financial problems, in fact disputes can aggravate those problems and that is to be understood, don’t let any love relationship also suffer because of your unstable thinking

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