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Saturday, September 13, 2008

14th September 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are just doing fine, there is no real issue connected with career and finances, but your expectations are high and you are trying to improve your efforts
Do – you are on the right track of your thinking, even your own involvement towards life is stable, continue to do that
Don’t – don’t have negative thoughts about your career, dissatisfaction will not give anything, don’t have those thoughts as it is not wise to think negatively
Stable period for home family as well as progress in career, you dependence on luck in various matters is your negativity
Day special – actually there is no need to depend on luck, you are thinking of gaining without making matching efforts, but as such your efforts are stable and there is nothing to worry
Some obstacles are there which are causing psychological stress; actually the obstacles are made up in your mind, that is causing this uneasiness
Do – to remove these anxieties you have to understand the hidden factors which bother you, try to ascertain the facts and that will make you peaceful
Don’t – don’t let your own thoughts reduce your own efforts, you can make your own destiny and don’t let that focus reduce in any manner
You wish to gain financially from the help and support of others, for that reason your expectations are not being met fully, that disturbs you
Day special – as such your financial position is stable, there is no need to unnecessarily expect something which is not going to happen, be pleasant to others and you will see the positive influence emerging to protect you in this situation
Some issues connected with health are bothering you; you are not satisfied with the investigations and also with the treatment
Do – try to protect yourself from needless pressures including differences of opinion, that is in your own hands
Don’t – there is inbuilt stress in your marriage, despite your partner being supportive, that can cause upsets, don’t let that happen
Some love relationship is stressful, lack of trust and lack of your own mental stability is causing these issues
Day special – relationships are very fragile, they need to be protected and nurtured, don’t let any relationship get spoilt to cause upsets in your life
There are several thoughts connected with emotions relationships and even home family on your mind, on all these issues you are a little dejected, but there is nothing drastically wrong in all this
Do – whatever weaknesses are there connected with your dissatisfaction are all because of your own doing, if you can call these as mistakes then there also you are yourself responsible
Don’t – don’t have any lack of trust about your own people, in fact they need your total support, don’t let any weakness come in that
Your expectations connected with travels may not be fully met, even far of linkages need to be accepted as it is
Day special – matters connected with home and family keep on bothering you, because you are not able to devote time and energy towards that, you must do that as it is your responsibility
You need lot of money to fulfill your desires, that makes you a little dissatisfied also
Do – this period needs your involvement towards your work to be total, that will protect your professional interests also
Don’t – don’t let any far off linkages cause upsets in your stability of career, all those factors can be postponed at this stage
Your eating habits can cause health related issues for you, that needs lot of protection from your side
Day special – you have to be careful in terms of what you eat drink think or speak, lot of moderation and peace is required to stabilize your wandering mind
Your thinking is a little unstable, that is putting pressure in your home and family in marriage, that needs lot of protection
Do – weakness persists in many ways, even career needs lot of hard work, routine pressures are many
Don’t – on top of these weakness your negative thinking is compounding your problems, don’t do that as it will not help
Financial matters or outflows make you uneasy, that can lead to differences of opinion and disputes
Day special – this is a period which requires lot of patience from your side, any disputable situation must be postponed for a while, getting agitated or depressed will not solve your problems

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