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Monday, September 15, 2008

15th September 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Excellent period for financial prosperity, this situation is very rewarding for you,
Day special – all this is possible because of your positive involvement at this stage, despite pressures and differences you have handled your situation well
Financial pressures can be there, but profession is stable and that will protect you in many ways,
Do – you need to protect your financial position, putting your money into risk cannot be a wise decision
Don’t – don’t let professional stability get reduced in any way, no one is trying to cheat you, don’t think on those lines without any reason
Excellent period for professional gains and marital happiness, luck is also very supportive and your direction or path is correct, that is like a divine blessing for you at this stage
Protect yourself from differences with seniors or superiors, that can also put psychological pressures on you for performance
Do – as such your performance is in the right direction, there is no need to worry on that, whatever you may say luck is on your side
Don’t – don’t get into any disputes connected with home family or finances, that can actually increase your psychological stress, nothing will actually be gained by that effort
Some love relationship will give you lot of happiness, but there may be some hidden obstacles in that relationships also, but you are not thinking about that
Day special – everyone strives to gain happiness in life, that is actually the most important aspect which you can never forget, this period is also giving you happiness and that is important
Family love warmth and protection is available to you immensely, money is not everything and you have to remember that, then why are you thinking only about money and getting mentally stressed
Do – stay calm as this is a very stable period, some wasteful expenses or losses have been there, but still you have to keep patience
Don’t – don’t be unfair in your dealings with others, especially in any friendship or relationship don’t be unfair from your side, don’t cheat anyone
You have to communicate with others, that will reduce your differences with others, your friends can be very helpful at this stage
Day special – some love relationship can also be very rewarding, all these are positive indications for you
Excellent financial prosperity, but the linking factor is more important, expenses are also there which are essential
Do – emotional bonding is very important at this stage, if you connect with others you will gain immensely from that situation
Don’t – don’t get into any arguments connected with monetary expenses at this stage, even that discussion will not help, don’t get into that
Personal and family bonding is very important, that gives you immense happiness, it also tells you that god has been kind to give you this protection
Day special – you have to communicate with others better, that will improve your self confidence and your sense of well being, psychologically you have to be very stable, don’t loose your temper
Some travels expenses or far off linkages are on your mind, those are causing indirect influences on you for changes in your profession
Do – you have to take these decisions by keeping your uneasiness aside, only then the right decisions will emerge
Don’t – don’t ignore the fact that your boss is very stiff at this stage, your views may not match with his views, don’t let that pressure emerge
Excellent financial prosperity as this is a blessing in itself, even in weak periods such favorable influences can make all the difference to stabilize your life
Day special – still this is a period to reach out to others and take their help, financial help from others can solve many problems at this stage
Your thoughts connected with changes or alternatives can affect your career, that can also cause differences of opinion with your boss
Do – stability is important and you have to maintain that, despite mental pressures this aspect of stability may take priority
Don’t – change expenses or alternatives can also cause differences of opinion, hence don’t let that happen as it is not required

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