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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

4th September 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are not satisfied with your career, in business you are not satisfied with your business partners also
Do – this is becoming a mind set, and this is becoming a habit, you have to change this habit of being dissatisfied always
Don’t – don’t ignore the fact that luck is favoring you immensely, even some love relationship can give you happiness, don’t ignore that
Despite your hard work the rewards are not as many as you expect, for that you are trying to blame your luck
Day special – but there is no need for that, as such ample prosperity is there, dissatisfaction is made up in the mind
You are not very happy with your love relationship, there are many hidden factors which keep on bothering you, but you are thinking too much about it
Do – be stable and calm, thinking negatively always can never give happiness
Don’t – don’t find fault in others, that is the biggest negativity which anybody can have, don’t ever do that
You care for your family but you are dissatisfied with the situation, in relationships and in your own self your expectation are much higher
Day special – you have to learn to look at the positive things of life, there are many things which are available to you like a blessing, then why do you think negatively and be pessimistic
Lack of achievements is making you critical in your attitude; there is nothing as bad as you are making it to be
Do – protect yourself from getting into any kind of agitated behavior, that is not required
Don’t – don’t spoil your own health by becoming pessimist, don’t ignore the fact that your own image is important which needs to be protected
What ever you speak can be used against you, even in relationships misunderstandings can come because of what you say
Day special – you need to protect yourself from this situation, think before you speak, be pleasant to others, all this is important
Financial position is stable and overall prosperity is with you, but you are not satisfied with the circumstances connected with home family and your personal thinking
Do – your own thinking can cause losses to you, that needs to be protected
Don’t – don’t risk your savings into any kind of investment or expense which may not work out
Stressful period for you, your own hard work is stable but you are not satisfied with it, that puts lot of mental pressure on you
Day special – this is a time to plan your time, that can prove to be very beneficial in the long run
Every thing is stable but your dissatisfaction hovers around money only, but as such there is no real pressure or upset
Do – regularity of inflows is important, and for that there is no weakness, expectations can be higher but that is a different thing
Don’t – don’t loose your temper and don’t be sarcastic to others, that can be very painful especially in relationships
You are not happy with your situation, this is despite the fact that many things are under control
Day special – this dissatisfaction on your mind can reduce your own focus towards life, that can also lead to unplanned and higher expenses, protect yourself from that
Expenses losses and out flows bother you, this is a typical factor of lack of planning on your part,
Do – there is need to protect yourself from this situation, if you think rationally and plan well you can protect yourself from this upset
Don’t – don’t leave anything to chance, by doing so you will go wrong and that can lead to problems, don’t let that happen
You are not very happy with your financial situation, savings may be intact but financial inflows are getting into dispute, that is putting lot of pressure on you
Day special – all these pressures can also lead to stress in your marriage also, this needs to be protected because your are making up these issues in your mind which can lead to suffering and problems, protect yourself from that

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