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Friday, September 26, 2008

27th September 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Happiness in family in marriage and in relationships, but some protections in relationship is required as differences are appearing
Day special – generally stable and happy period, your involvement and focus towards life is excellent, that will give financial prosperity also
You have to protect yourself from differences and disputes, these can be connected with personal or professional life or both
Do – these pressures can also lead to health concerns, you have to stay stable and not get into conflicts
Don’t – don’t upset the stability of your career at this stage, you have to stay peaceful and stable, don’t let any upset appear to cause hindrances appear in life
Some love relationship is giving you happiness, but side by side oppositions are appearing and those factors also need to be handled better
Day special – generally stable and happy period, you will get support from everyone around you, that makes your career stable and your family happiness intact
Very auspicious period for professional and financial gains, happiness in life and overall well being is protected
Do – you have to protect your finances from getting stuck, even expenses can be upsetting which need proper care
Don’t – don’t ignore the stability of your marital life at this stage, discuss and resolve any problems, don’t ignore this guidance
Career is stable and you are doing very well, it cannot be a better situation than this
Day special – but protection is required for any kind of unnecessary changes or unnecessary differences of opinion, protect yourself from that and then your profession will remain very stable
Excellent financial prosperity for you, but hidden obstacles can upset your savings and that is a concern, your expenses are erratic and can be wasteful also
Do – in love relationship some inherent disputes are appearing, that can lead to separation and upsets, protect yourself from that
Don’t – don’t depend on luck so much, that will be a risk which you may carry and that can lead to loss, don’t let that happen
Your self confidence is high and that will protect you in many ways, as such this is a stable period but requires care on your finances
Day special – your routine expenses are high and on top of it you are spending without thinking, even in professional matters wasteful outflows have to be controlled
If you are looking for changes in your career then you have to be careful, because it can be a self created mistake which you have to protect
Do – this is also a period to protect yourself from differences of opinion, that can lead to upsets which can harm you only
Don’t – don’t let unplanned decisions connected with finances upset your stability, thinking in terms of extremes for monetary issues in not required, don’t do that
Excellent financial prosperity, but your expenses are now increasing which are wasteful
Day special – some upsets in life connected with your emotional affairs, but overall prosperity and stability is a divine blessing which will remain intact
Despite your career being stable you are still dissatisfied, your expectations can be high and that causes psychological uneasiness
Do – even some love relationship can give you lot of happiness, but you are worried whether it can get the acceptance of others, shed those worries as they are not required
Don’t – don’t get into a depressive mode, even in financial matters that can lead to wrong decisions, don’t let that happen
Very lucky period in many ways, but marital happiness has to be protected, from your side you are not lacking in your efforts in any way
Day special – this is also a period which causes health concerns, care and precautions are required to be maintained for stability in life, as such it is a very lucky period
Weak period in many ways, psychologically it is not giving you happiness, there are obstacles which bother you
Do – devote time towards your home family and marriage, that needs protections and that need care
Don’t – don’t expect too much from luck, it can go wrong and it can put your money into risk, there is no need of losing money at this stage, don’t let that happen

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