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Monday, September 15, 2008

16th September 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

This the time to enjoy your prosperity, if you have earned well then you have to spend also,
Do – this is an auspicious period for enjoyments, this period will also give you happiness from some love relationship
Don’t – don’t spoil your health on account of over indulgence, some amount of moderation is required nevertheless
Auspiciousness in many ways, personal happiness is particularly ensured, you will gain from all sources as this is a happy period
Day special – your own creativity needs to be improved, you are not convinced about that, by your thinking you are putting off your friends also, don’t be selfish
Mixed period in many ways, luck is supporting you but obstacles are also there
Do – especially in career these obstacles can be removed with your own hard work, that is what you should do at this stage
Don’t– don’t ignore the importance of support which you can get from others at this stage, that can take you on the path of further progress
You may not get the support which you expect at this stage, for that reason monetary pressures may also increase
Day special – all put together your health also requires care now, this period is making you work very hard and still you are uneasy
Weak period in many ways, health related concerns and family related differences of opinion can be there
Do – psychologically you have to remain calm and peaceful, that will protect you in many ways and that is the right path for you
Don’t – don’t try to be clever at this stage, that can spoil your own image which may be difficult to protect, hence don’t let that happen
Some love relationship can be under lot of stress, that can lead to differences of opinion as well as separation
Day special – you are being too firm and stiff in your attitude, to some extent you are being egoistic also, that is the cause for conflicts and separations in your life
Very auspicious period for overall prosperity, your abilities are being recognized and rewarded,
Do – maintain this positive involvement as it can give you lot of gains, be thankful to god also for all this goodness
Don’t – there is a price which one has to pay for doing well, that makes many people around you jealous, don’t let that happen
Your hard work means a lot to you, that can give you professional growth and satisfaction, your family is also supportive in many ways
Day special – in some love relationship be pleasant to others, your own rewards in life also dependend on the strength of your performance
Your own efforts will make your destiny, this is the period to showcase that and gain from these forces
Do – this is also the period to involve towards your family, that is a positive desire which will give you happiness
Don’t – just because you are doing so much for your future progress you cannot be harsh to others, this period requires creating a balance between your personal and professional life
Some stress is there because your money may be stuck, you are risking your money and you have to protect yourself from that mistake
Day special – psychologically also this period is becoming weak, your mindset is also becoming negative because of obstacles
Financial prosperity is intact, you are trying to have a positive attitude towards life, but still there are pressures on you
Do – involvement towards your work can protect many such pressures, routine issues also stressful
Don’t – don’t get carried away by what others say, you may be tricked into some thing which is not to your advantage, don’t let that happen
Career may be stable and that is an illusion, inherent factors in your profession are stressful leading to pressures and differences
Day special – protect yourself from the hidden issues of differences obstacles and problems with boss, all this needs very careful handling

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