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Thursday, September 18, 2008

19th September 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Protect yourself from financial or marital misunderstandings, actually you are creating those issues in your mind
Day special – you have to be very mild and understanding at this moment, others may be unfair, but you should also not become unfair at the same time
Some love relationships is seriously on your mind, but there are many factors of differences also
Do – the differences of opinion have to be controlled, these differences are gradually increasing and may cause further uneasiness
Don’t – don’t be isolated and at the same time rigid in your efforts, it is better to discuss any differences to resolve those issues
If you are away then you wish to be with your family, if you are in some love relationship then also you need to discus with your family
Day special – family becomes important at this stage, every thing else can wait, even your thoughts connected with money are having family linkages only
You may gain from some property or you may invest in some property, but expenses or outflows can be high to bother you
Do – take rational decisions, even if there is need to take loans you can take that
Don’t – don’t ignore the importance of total devotion towards your career, you have many things to do at the same time, try to find a balance
With your hard work and efforts your financial positions will improve, but these rewards and savings may not be as much as you expect
Day special – luck is favoring you immensely, there is nothing adverse at this stage, you must be thankful to god for all this goodness
Overall prosperity and stability is indicated, but your dissatisfaction is made up in your mind, actually there is no need for that
Do – stay calm and stable, career is progressing and financial matters are stable
Don’t – don’t be distressed that some hindrances are there in financial inflows, some brief upsets or setback can be there, but everything will be under control soon, hence don’t get uneasy
There are many issues connected with changes in your life which are not up to the mark, you need to rethink on all those issues and only take the decision
Day special – your situation is weak at the moment, but it is a gradually improving situation and you will come out a winner, hence have some more patience
Marital issues need to be handled better, the differences may increase and that can further depress you
Do – as such you are not happy as there is lot of mental stress on that, but this is a period which requires very careful handling and planning
Don’t – don’t fight unnecessarily especially on financial matters, god is kind in many ways and that is a big protection, hence don’t be distressed
Some conflicts or differences of opinion at work place may emerge, this is to cause upsets in your overall stable professional life
Day special – you have to moderate your attitude that at this stage, the issues on your mind require that you interact more with people and solicit there views, don’t doubt the intentions of everyone around you
Professional situation can be average because your own abilities are not up to the mark, but you have to gradually work hard to improve that and that is startting to show now
Do – god is kind in many ways and circumstances are further improving to give you prosperity, more then anything else you have to bring happiness into your life
Don’t – don’t be egoistic or stiff in your attitude, especially for matters connected with travels change or expenses, that needs careful handling, don’t ignore that
Is has been a weak situation for a while, but now circumstances are likely to improve slowly
Day special – the first and foremost improvement is that luck will start supporting you, that will take care of many other things to follow and you have to be thankful to god for that
Weak period in many ways, mild obstacles and pressures are there for you, this is more for personal life that you are feeling stressed
Do – listen to others and appreciate their views, that will reduce the pressures at this stage,
Don’t – don’t argue in any agitated mood, discussion should not be to increase obstacles, they should be to resolve them

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