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Monday, September 29, 2008

30th September 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are being too emotional and touchy about relationships, that includes your marital relationship also
Do – protect yourself from getting uneasy with your own thinking, it will lead to unnecessary friction and upsets
Don’t – from your side you have a desire to reach out to others and help others, don’t let this good nature reduce because of your own negative thinking at this stage
Marital relations need to be protected, stress is appearing on account of expenses losses and differences of opinion
Day special – your own views are stable, but you seem to be in a fighting mood, that is something which needs lot of protection, even in some love relationship protect yourself from getting into conflicts
Financial matters should not over power your personal decisions, that can be unfortunate and spoil your relationships unnecessarily
Do – as such you are very caring towards others, and you get matching support and help from others also, maintain that goodness
Don’t – monetary desires can actually spoil the best of intentions at times, don’t let that happen as there is no need for money to cause upsets in your life
Very auspicious and promising period for professional well being, your own abilities can shine and give you the success in life, that will lead to your personal happiness also
Day special – these are good times which need to be consolidated or improved further, for achieving this you may have to travel or think of far off linkages also, on that thought you are a little undecided
Very auspicious period linked with your own hard work and efforts, you have the ability and you can portray it well, that is your bigger strength at this stage
Do – continue to involve yourself well, this is the best indication for your prosperity to improve,
Don’t – don’t unnecessarily depend on luck, as such your luck is supportive and your hard work is also adding its goodness to it, don’t ignore your health also because of your own lethargy
Stressful period as there can be many obstacles on the path of your financial prosperity, your savings can be under pressure because of these obstacles, ups and downs of business situation are also there
Day special – professional prosperity is there, but the obstacles are making you uneasy and that is causing these ups and downs of your thinking, be calm and have faith in god
You will get support from every one around you, that will make your self confidence high, that will lead to your achievements also, but there is a lot of negativity also
Do – protect yourself from negative thinking, you are thinking in terms of extremes only and causing upsets, protect yourself from that
Don’t – don’t risk your money with this extreme of thinking, that is not required and that needs lot of protection, don’t let your efforts go waste at this stage
This is a period to protect yourself from your own self created mistakes, for that reason you can create upsets and losses for yourself
Day special – don’t get into any conflict, that can lead to your personal loss as well as financial loss, it is better to stay calm and postpone any big decision for a while
You are thinking of far off linkages in your career and that will benefit you, that will lead to your professional and financial stability, good times for that
Do – in this goodness you have to improve your knowledge and skills, you have to showcase your abilities so that you get full support at this stage
Don’t – any big improvement in life takes its own time, don’t expect magical returns and don’t get into uneasiness with these thoughts
Your business needs funds and that is what you have to do, it is a favorable situation which will give you enormous rewards
Day special – your family is also supportive in this effort, you have to shed your fears and move ahead now
In your professional path you are making lot of progress, this is a result of your own hard work and you will achieve a lot with it
Do – but in all this goodness you are still psychologically uneasy, there is no need for that and you have to protect yourself from that
Don’t – don’t let routine pressures over power your thinking, you have to understand that these pressures can be because of your own lack of abilities, don’t let that happen
Slightly stressful period as luck may not favor you as much, routine pressures may be there and that is a cause for concern, but personal and professional factors are stable
Day special – continue to do what you are doing, unnecessarily don’t look at bigger efforts and achievements at this stage, it is a slow period and that has to be accepted

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