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Sunday, September 21, 2008

22nd September 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Weak period as you are yourself creating obstacles for yourself, that is leading to differences with boss also
Do – you have to control this situation otherwise it may lead to further pressures in career, that can appear by evening
Don’t – don’t let routine stress also increase to cause conflicts, don’t ignore that you can get help and support from others immensely
Some love relationship is strong but worries of getting away are also bothering you, distance in relationship can be upsetting and that is the worry on your mind
Day special – students have to understand the importance of the studies at this moment, your mind is very stable and you are thinking of everything other then studies, don’t let this weakness cause upsets in your life
You are keen to invest in property, you are also keen to take loan for that investment, this is a favorable period to initiate that effort
Do – financial position is stable to support this effort, some obstacles can still be there in this process but they will be resolved
Don’t – don’t ignore your health, some pressures of the present circumstances can cause health related issues also, that needs lot of protection
Excellent period for professional growth, it cannot be better than this, your efforts are remarkable
Day special – in all this goodness you are getting away from your loved ones, that needs proper balance in your life, involve with others and speak to others pleasantly
Very auspicious period for financial inflows, financial prosperity and savings are well indicated
Do – lack of planning is still showing, erratic expenses and unexplained moves are the cause for trouble
Don’t – don’t ignore the goodness of this period, especially in terms of your professional abilities this can be very rewarding, your own hard work will lead to this excellence
Many obstacles can be there, profession seems stable but hidden obstacles will cause upsets, even boss may not support you at this moment
Day special – your own thinking is also becoming somewhat negative, reasons connected with finances should not be the deciding factor in life, that also can create upsets
Period of excellent self confidence, but you are reducing your stability and gains in wrong decisions, you are yourself responsible for these mistakes
Do – protect yourself from unplanned moves, decisions in life have to be taken with care
Don’t – don’t think that money is everything, don’t think that change can solve all your problems, there is more to life than this
Psychologically you are worried, some financial disputes may also bother you
Day special – your expenses are mounting and that is a cause for concern, but you have to be psychological stable to fulfill these issues to your advantage
Your hard work and your abilities are needed in your career, for that you may have to be very creative and think of doing better then what you are doing now
Do – changes in your career must be thought only if it is absolutely necessary, otherwise stability of life has to be maintained
Don’t – don’t worry unnecessarily because nothing will go wrong, your professional stability is intact and that will help you eventually
Financial prosperity is well indicated, personal happiness is also improving, very auspicious period for all this
Day special – your career is stable and growing, but you are uneasy and not fully satisfied, don’t let this become a habit
Pressures in career are there, this is despite your hard work and focus to be excellent
Do – from your side you have to improve your knowledge and skills, there is weakness in that and that is causing the pressures at this moment
Don’t – don’t ignore the views of your boss, that can actually cause upsets as there are differences of opinion, don’t let that happen
Very auspicious period for financial prosperity, but the routine inflows may have some doubts and differences, don’t let that convert into conflicts
Day special – career is stable and has to be maintained at that level, that requires a positive mindset from your side, you will be able to achieve that with your pragmatism

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