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Thursday, September 4, 2008

5th September 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

For decisions connected with marriage you will get excellent support from your elders, for any changes in life you may have to go away from your present place of residence
Day special – generally auspicious period for many things, but in any kind of relationships or associations with persons you have to avoid differences of opinion
Weak period in many ways, psychologically you may be distressed, there can be many obstacles connected with your well being
Do – protect yourself from differences of opinion, even obstacles can be there which can upset you
Don’t – don’t feel distress because many things may not be working to your advantage, even in love relationships there can be pressures which are not to your liking, don’t get into that
You wish to convert your love relationship into marriage that’s a very positive thought and you may gain immensely from that
Day special – you are depending on family support for this, you will get happiness from all this abundantly
Some family dispute may aggravate to give you uneasiness, even in some property related matters you have to be careful to avoid conflicts
Do – stay calm and not let your sensitiveness overpower you, it is better to be at peace with yourself and avoid any major decisions
Don’t – don’t get into any financial disputes especially connected with property, it is better to postpone any such decision, don’t get into dispute as that can cause problems for you
The self confidence is high and that is a positive factor, your hard work will benefit you in your studies also, but you have to improve your writing abilities to benefit in your examination
Day special – positive period to your support or efforts, don’t be too rigid in your attitude, that is a kind of false self-confidence which you should avoid
You wish to invest in property and that can be a positive thought, but you have to protect yourself from some wasteful expenses also
Do – very auspicious period in many ways, your own self confidence will help you and support you
Don’t – in financial matters you have to be a little careful, someone may also try to cheat you, dont let this happen, as such you have to protect yourself from some losses
You always think of increasing your efforts and focus towards life, but somehow your own lethargy does not let it happen
Day special – there are ups and downs in your own efforts towards career as well as personal accomplishments, the weakness lies in you and that weakness has to be controlled, you have the ability to do that
You are a little worried about your finances, there are pressures on your finances and that is a concern
Do – you must realize that you have to do so much for others, that includes your children also
Don’t – for doing all that you should do it happily, don’t be distressed on any situation as that is not valid, don’t be uneasy on account of unfounded thoughts and fears
Excellent financial prosperity, professional well being is like never before, you have all the abilities to make it a successful period
Day special – still your focus is towards your money, if in business you are willing to invest in business, but some short fall on that is there which has to be covered
In your career situation you are thinking of changes, changes may seem lucrative but you still have to be careful, your boss may not be supportive of your moves
Do – your involvement towards work is stable, but luck supports you more than your own efforts, that is a lucky situation
Don’t – in whatever you do you must do it with full involvement, don’t have any doubts on your mind
Very lucky period for financial prosperity, but luck may not be as supportive as you otherwise think, professional stability needs to be improved with effort
Day special – psychologically you are having doubts on your mind, that needs to be controlled as every thing is slowly improving for you
You are worried for your career, as such there is no worry or reason for worry, you are psychologically getting distressed which is not required
Do – you may have to be careful about your business partners, there is no negativity in that, but you are thinking that some thing is wrong somewhere
Don’t – on financial matters there is need for you to be at peace with yourself, if in a job don’t ignore the views of your boss

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