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Monday, September 22, 2008

23rd September 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Your own focus is in the right direction, that will solve many problems as you will forge ahead to achieve your goals
Day special – luck will also favor you immensely, in this entire process you will get excellent support from others, that is the divine blessing
You are worried because your money may be stuck, you have to take precautions in that regard so that no upsets are there
Do – must move forward in some relationship to give you happiness, family is also now supportive and you can achieve your goals
Don’t – don’t depend on luck especially in the morning, that can lead to upsets, don’t therefore be impractical in your thoughts and desires
Very lucky period for professional moves, everything is stable and god is kind in many ways, family happiness is particularly indicated
Day special – protect yourself from needless arguments based on lack of knowledge, those can have negative effect in your peaceful existence in your home and family
Health concerns are there, some travels or far off linkages are also indicated, but you are a bit worried on account of all this at the moment
Do – stay calm and try to repay your loans, that will protect you in many ways
Don’t – don’t ignore the favorable opportunities which are emerging slowly, some opportunities connected with property investment can also come up soon, don’t ignore that
Some love relationship is seemingly very strong, but it has its own negative impact and pressures, financial prosperity is well indicated and that is like a blessing
Day special – there is nothing adverse as such, your own efforts and commitment will help you immensely to move ahead and achieve so much more
Very stable period for overall prosperity, but in career matters you have to still be careful on account of upsets
Do – stay connected with home and family, that is particularly indicated at this moment, that will give you lot of happiness
Don’t – don’t let any written document effect your career negatively, protect yourself from that
Your uneasiness of morning will be removed soon, then you will be convinced that the solution to problems lies in your own hard work, that is what you should do
Day special – your own self confidence will gradually give you the solutions to your uneasiness, your boss may still be having different views, but your own commitment and involvement towards life will eventually give improvement
Financial prosperity is well indicated, that is the answer to many of your problems, you are still concerned and uneasy
Do – some factors connected with travels in the morning may have to be removed from your mind, be at ease as that is required
Don’t – don’t risk your money unnecessarily, the real picture is gradually emerging before you, but that picture is not all that bad as you think, don’t be uneasy
Personal well being is indicated, professional prosperity and stability is also indicated, you will get the right opportunities in your career now
Day special – even if you have to look for alternatives you may have to think seriously now and plan accordingly, that is also a divine blessing based on you own efforts
Far off linkages are bothering you, that seems to be very prominent, but careful planning is still required
Do – you have to take decisions but take them with careful attitude, decisions taken in haste and in uneasiness can go wrong for you
Don’t – don’t risk your savings at this stage, take care of your health also, don’t ignore this astrological advice as it is important
Financial prosperity is indicated, but personal relationships are under stress, because of that you cannot let your professional stability weaken
Day special – you have to improve your own knowledge and skills to protect your present situation, luck will support you now in that effort
Very happy period for professional and personal well being, now you will be moving at a much faster pace to achieve your goals
Do – lot of hard work has gone into all this effort; some small obstacles may still be there which need to be handled better
Don’t – don’t expect too much in the form of help from others, as such that help is there, but expecting more than what is not required, that can cause financial dissatisfaction

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