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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

25th September 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

There are many confusions and conflicts on your mind, these can be connected with property or for someone in the family
Day special – this is not a favorable situation, this needs to be solved immediately, as such you are on the verge of coming out of these problems
Favorable period for financial prosperity, even some love relationship can be strong
Do – you can recover some lost money, or some old relationship can be revived, do that
Don’t – don’t have unnecessary doubts on your mind, trust others as that is important, don’t neglect your own focus and hard work towards your career
Favorable period generally for home family or happiness, many ups and downs can be there but on balance every thing is stable
Day special – monetary situation is stable, but you are worried for some loss, even expenses or relations can be high
Changes expenses losses all are on your mind, but this period is such that you may change your own views also
Do – be firm in your attitude and take careful decisions, otherwise you may have to go back on your word
Don’t – don’t think of any travels in an unplanned way, you may have to change those plans and that can prove to be costly, don’t do that
Financially stable period, lucky circumstances will support that in every way, but your worries are psychological
Day special – you are thinking in terms of extremes and that is not required, you are also depending on luck for financial gains, that can lead to ups and downs, protect yourself from that
Very stable period for professional and personal well being, especially in financial matters you may be inclined to alter your own decisions, as there are inherent obstacles and factors of losses
Do – protection is the key word, financial prosperity is intact, protect it under all circumstances
Don’t – don’t have unstable thinking at this stage, you are inclined to have that because of your own unstable thoughts and fears on your mind, that is not required and hence don’t do that
Give importance to the stability of your career, thinking about change or alternatives can prove to be costly
Day special – any changes or alternatives can lead to high expenses and even loss, even in business situation no changes should be initiated at this stage
Very auspicious period for financial prosperity, but routine matters and ups and downs of finances will be witnessed
Do – luck is generally supportive, but you cannot depend on it, your dependence is totally on your own efforts
Don’t – don’t risk your money as gradually you are getting into a period of wasteful expenses and losses, don’t let that happen
Career is stable but too many ups and downs are there, you are also worried for many developments which are happening everyday
Day special – have faith in god and do your duty, don’t unnecessarily get depressed as there is no need for that
Generally stable and auspicious period, differences of opinion can still be there, but you will also get ample support from others
Do – while taking that support try to ascertain the motive behind your supporters, that will protect you and your interests
Don’t – don’t get into any conflicts and resolve the matters amicably; don’t create any disputes from your side
Some love relationship may not work out the way you expect, even in professional matters many obstacles can surface or resurface
Day special – lot of patience is required, luck is now supporting you in many ways, your professional situation is also going to improve now
Home family and personal happiness is intact, but in marital issues you have to protect yourself from differences
Do – any financial matter must be resolved amicably, that has to be handled with patience
Don’t – don’t depend on luck and don’t risk your money in any way, that can lead to distress and problems

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