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Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday 1 October 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your dissatisfactions lie with your own performance, you are getting into differences and not able to achieve what you wish to achieve
Day special – As a result you are blaming luck and getting more & more confused, this kind of dissatisfactions is not going to help you
Vrish – You will have to protect your money because someone may try to cheat you, out of this confusion you may take wrong decisions also
Do – Protect yourself from risking your money, any ups & downs of your own thinking can complicate the matters
Don’t – In any discussion about relationships don’t show your distress, don’t also hide anything in whatever you are discussing and then you will be protected
Mithun – Generally stable & happy period, but your expectations are too high and that is why you create those factors of distress for yourself
Day special – Even for your own people, your partners or associates you have lot of doubts on your mind, that is why you are not able to achieve the best while the fact is that they are helpful & supportive towards you
Karka – Health is an issue which will have to be handled carefully, although still there is divine blessing and nothing adverse will happen
Do – Thoughts of movement, change or travel are on your mind, but there are many hidden factors which may be upsetting for which you will have to plan carefully
Don’t – Don’t still ignore the possibilities which may be coming your way, especially on matters where your own motivation can be improved you can actually benefit
Simha – Relationships are not as stable as you think, that is why you are not able to have that satisfaction which you wish to achieve
Day special – Financial position is stable and that will make you happy, but on finances you will have to safeguard that and protect that so that your impulsive actions do not create a loss
Kanya – Home & family is important to you, but more than that is the need for you to trust your own people for their goodness which they have
Do – Work related situation is improving, that can give you the advantage for growth which is abundantly visible
Don’t – Don’t still forget that in your own performance & your abilities there can be differences of opinion, you will have to therefore continue to show your goodness and only then you will be protected
Tula – You will have to trust your own abilities & performance, that is the only way to keep your motivation high
Day special – You have the ability in you but you are not able to put it in the right direction, that is why your wastages and your wasteful decisions are such that you are not able to achieve much, if you remove the clutter of your mind then your goodness will appear
Vrishchik – You are not as happy with your financial position as you expect, that is why psychologically you are not as happy as you should be
Do – Financial position is generally improving now, but your dissatisfactions are also side by side growing which is a situation made up in your mind, you have to moderate that
Don’t – Don’t ignore the routine kind of issues which confront you on day to day basis, remaining stable in your mind with regularity is important for which you will have to remain very peaceful
Dhanu – You are able to reach out to others and help others, that will bring out the best in you and you will be benefited, your own goodness therefore needs to be sustained
Day special – You have many things to accomplish in your personal life, and you are able to do that in which you will give due importance to the detail which is required for doing a job well, you will have to be appreciated by others for this ability
Makar – Your outflows are high and you are not able to control that, as a result your own people may not be as happy with you for the uneasiness which you create for yourself as well as for others
Do – Communicate well with others and show as to what you think, that will show your honesty in which your openness of thoughts will benefit you
Don’t – Don’t create rift in your personal life or with your partner, try to discuss your matters as that will help you to resolve your problems
Kumbh – Financial position is generally stable but your dissatisfactions continue, basically the problem lies with your relationships which are not moving smoothly
Day special – There are many hidden issues in relationships which may bother you, each step will have to be therefore taken with care in a bid to resolve them and not complicate them
Meena – Work relation situation requires constant involvement, whereas the happiness in your home & family is growing and your attention is getting diverted towards your personal life
Do – A lot of care is needed in which your abilities do not get reduced, your own efforts and your work must show with regularity and you will be benefited
Don’t – Don’t therefore create any kind of stressful issues with your partner, try to understand the goodness at this stage and keep patience

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