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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thursday 21 October 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – In a bid to take big decisions you are stressing yourself both professionally & financially, especially on financial front your expenses can cause stress & upsets for you
Day special – There is need for peace & patience, you have to look at the goodness with a sense of accomplishment and not to create further pressures
Vrish – Overall prosperity is indicated as a result of many factors, your work is very vibrant and you are able to get the best advantage out of it
Do – Financial planning is still required in a matured manner, that is where you will be able to protect yourself from any kind of upsets or losses
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own knowledge & abilities will have to be used in a manner that you do not create disagreements, for that you will have to indirectly become mild in your approach and stable in your thoughts
Mithun – Mixed period as far as your expectations are concerned, work is stable and there is no problem in that, but where you take chances or take risks there can be issues which need to be handled
Day special – For that reason take careful step forward in any risky matter, especially in dealing with people around you your colleagues or subordinates you will have to show a lot of restraint
Karka – Overall auspiciousness is intact but pressures are there in relationships, you will have to understand that people around you have their own views & expectations, you will have to give importance to those views also
Do – While your own work & involvement is remarkable your efforts can get reduced, for that reason you cannot become lethargic in your approach as that is not going to help
Don’t – Don’t forget that health needs to be taken care of, you cannot neglect that or leave anything under the impact of confusions at this stage
Simha – Certain pressures are there which will be difficult to handle, you may need to discuss your matters but with patience
Day special – In attempting to resolve your issues you may become angry or lose your temper, that may further complicate your issues and make you depressed, therefore a lot of peaceful interaction is required
Kanya – If you connect with others you will be able to resolve your relationships to your advantage, minor differences are there in every situation which you will have to accept as a reality
Do – You must connect with your own people and depend on them, they are good people around you and will appreciate your views also side by side
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that conflicts will have to be avoided at any cost, even where you are right or your knowledge is supporting you, you may still have to remain mild and not cause upsets
Tula – You must remember that any disagreement at this stage will lead to your own loss, you may get away from your own people which is not desired,
Day special – Protect yourself from any situation which makes matters further complicated, if it requires that you should become mild in your approach then that is going to help
Vrishchik – Your abilities are abundant and they can be used to your advantage, even in matters where your image building is required you will be benefited
Do – Lot of regularity and hard work will be needed to sustain this goodness, so much so that you may have to even plan your time judiciously now
Don’t – Don’t ignore the opportunities of travels which may give you advantage, don’t also forget to use your linkages to further your professional interests in the process, by little bit of planning you will be benefited
Dhanu – While home is important to you and your time is devoted towards that you still have to find time for your professional pursuits, your career is important and requires lot of involvement so that it remains beneficial
Day special – A balance is required to handle your situation, for that reason you may also have to understand that your expenses or outflows will have to be controlled as they should not become wasteful
Makar – Your own involvements are such that you will be benefited, there is lot of auspiciousness which is helping you to take your life forward and that is important
Do – If you communicate with others carefully you will be benefited, that indirect advantage will come to you in your professional career and you will gain on the financial front as well
Don’t – Don’t therefore have any kind of apprehensions on your mind, don’t have instability of your thoughts as that will take away the goodness unnecessarily
Kumbh – This is a period which requires lot of positive interaction from your side, if you speak to others and discuss your matters you will be benefited
Day special – Certain wastages are there which is a self-created mistake, you become too rigid in your approach especially on thoughts where you think that you are right, that is where protection is needed
Meena – Your goodness has to be shown in a manner that you connect with others, even if it involves some financial upsets you will still have to please others to save the situation
Do – Relationships are important and they have to be handled carefully, family needs have to be met and you have to resolve the issues
Don’t – Don’t therefore have any kind of apprehensions on your mind as that can complicate the matters, don’t forget that luck is now favoring you more than ever before and that is going to be advantageous

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