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Monday, October 4, 2010

Tuesday 5 October 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – If you will not trust your own abilities then your performance will be reduced, in studies or in your efforts this is something which you will have to understand
Day special – In relationships there are many factors which are not moving as per your desire, there are disagreements which are likely to be there, only carefulness can protect you from the situation worsening
Vrish – Your anger or your sarcastic views can spoil the goodness of this period, your own people will support you only if you are pleasant to them
Do – You have to become mild in whatever you speak or think, that can only protect you and save you from problems
Don’t – Don’t increase your wastages as a result, planning carefully and remaining peaceful is going to solve many issues to your advantage
Mithun – While your efforts are remarkable you still carry doubts about your own abilities, this is something which can be changed with very small effort as it is not difficult to do so
Day special – Your personal life needs to be taken advantage of, you have loving people around you who can be supportive and who can guide you enormously, take advantage of that
Karka – Wastages are there because you are being too impulsive, lack of planning is going to cost you more than anything else and therefore you have to conserve your resources
Do – Savings will have to be protected and that is something which is going to be difficult, there are obstacles and there are factors of unplanned ways which are overpowering you
Don’t – Don’t speak or write anything which can be negative in its essence, those very factors can prove to be disadvantageous and therefore you will have to be careful in how you communicate
Simha – You are giving too much importance to money whereas money is comfortable in many ways, but the issue is to protect that money from getting into wrong hands
Day special – Protect yourself that no one tries & cheats you, for that reason you will have to plan your moves in a manner that you stay connected with your work which is very strong at this stage
Kanya – You are unhappy with your work situation, but this is a negative thought made up in the mind and which is not so real
Do – You must understand the strength of your work which you have at this stage, but your constant thoughts are for alternatives or changes and you are not giving importance to the stability factor which is important
Don’t – Don’t therefore neglect the decision making process at this stage, it will be very important to take very careful and thoughtful decisions whether connected with work or with money at this stage
Tula – Just because your expenses are high you are blaming your luck for that, but actually you have not been moving carefully or taking decisions carefully
Day special – On matters connected with your work & finances there is some amount of rigidness which you carry, that is why you are not able to execute your thoughts carefully, changes in any manner or change of place etc. will have to be done with lot of carefulness
Vrishchik – Hidden issues surface & bother you, you are also worried for the loss of image which you may have and therefore keep lot of peace & patience
Do – Work is important and is rewarding, your concentration should stay connected with that, and you will be rewarded
Don’t – Don’t forget that people may be jealous against you, for that reason they may be talking at your back against you and that is not looking good, you will have to be careful for all such situations
Dhanu – You are worried for your partner or for your own people, you may even be worried for your own career as there are many things which will have to be taken care of
Day special – Your own goodness is abundant and you will be benefited, gradually you will realize that the circumstances will help you to gain financial prosperity and there will be nothing lacking
Makar – Health factors cannot be neglected, you will have to give importance to the small & routine issues on day to day basis so that you remain peaceful
Do – Remaining peaceful in personal life, in home & family is more important, for that reason you will have to condition your mind in a manner that you don’t start thinking of so many things at the same time,
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that there is a lot of divine blessing which is available to you, handle your affairs one at a time and you will see that you can accomplish so much more
Kumbh – Relationships are not moving as per your plans, you are not happy with that and you are getting into stress & conflicts
Day special – This is not a period to push for anything at this stage as it may not work out, therefore it is required that you remain peaceful and remain connected with your work and not think of anything else
Meena – You are worried for your own people and as a result you are causing stress for yourself, for that reason in your personal life or in marital life you need to keep a lot of patience otherwise this period can turn into conflicts
Do – Your own forcefulness of thoughts is the culprit which is causing these problems, you will have to give more importance to the views of others at this stage and that will help you to overcome your own issues
Don’t – Don’t therefore carry dissatisfactions which can cause upsets, you will have to look at the goodness which is there with you in abundance and for that you have to be thankful to God as well

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