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Friday, October 22, 2010

Saturday 23 October 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are very determined and you have the self-confidence, but you have to use that confidence in the right direction so that you are benefited
Day special – You are doubting your own abilities and that is not showing well, you have to use your involvement & efforts in a manner that you avoid getting into differences of opinion
Vrish – You are a bit too impulsive in your outflows or expenses, that is why your expenses are high and you are not able to keep your money intact
Do – Protect yourself & protect your savings, let no one cheat you and take advantage of you
Don’t – Don’t forget that if loans have to be repaid then this is the right time to do so, at least your outflows will be there as per the chart and yet your liabilities will come down
Mithun – On one your financial position is stable but on the other hand you are becoming too apprehensive or dissatisfied, money gives happiness only if put to right use
Day special – Your money is leading to some amount of differences which will have to be controlled, you have to trust yourself and trust others in the process
Karka – Wasteful outflows are indicated and you are not able to plan your issues properly, that is why your routine pressures are more than what they should be
Do – Remember that your abilities are abundant and they can benefit you enormously, but you will have to understand the need to create stability in your life at this stage
Don’t – Don’t forget that relationships are becoming more & more vibrant, as a result your happiness is also increasing to give you the satisfaction from relationships
Simha – Financial position is stable and you are happy, luck is favoring you immensely and helping you to connect with your own people
Day special – Still your own attitude needs to be improved to bring the best out of this period, for that reason your own mindset should be such that you are able to involve fully and regularly
Kanya – Obstacles are there which you will have to accept, but in the process you have to continue to work hard and prove as to what you can do
Do – Work related issues are such that they are generally rewarding, but if you have to inculcate a sense of interest in your work then you will have to remove those doubts which you carry
Don’t – Don’t ignore to take the help of others which is available to you in abundance, that is possibly only if you discuss your matters carefully & pragmatically
Tula – You are depending on luck and luck is generally favoring you, but your wasteful ways or unplanned ways are taking away this goodness in many ways which is not looking good
Day special – Your financial inflows are stable but your savings are better, you have to create a situation that your inflows continue to convert into savings as that is a satisfying fact of life at this stage
Vrishchik – Somewhat stressful situation because you are thinking too much and thinking in terms of extremes, you are becoming a bit rigid in your approach and that is why you are getting into misunderstandings also side by side
Do – Become very mild and accept what others say, even if it is leading to some amount of expense or loss accept it as a reality and create that peace & harmony which is important
Don’t – Don’t therefore complicate any matters which have hidden factors, but at least protect yourself from any one trying to cause harm to you or talking at your back
Dhanu – Relationships are important to you and they have immense strength, but relationships should be carried forward that it does not cause any upsets in your personal life in any manner
Day special – Any hidden relationship must be avoided, you have to remain very transparent in your views as that honesty is very important
Makar – Stress in home & family is indicated, you will have to avoid any conflict especially where you are not aware of the facts
Do – Rewards from home, family or property are indicated, you will be benefited in that manner with a little bit of effort
Don’t – Don’t expect that money may come to you easily if you are trying to take some loan, there may be many obstacles in that which will be in the form of hurdles which you will have to cross
Kumbh – While your own involvement is remarkable you are not able to influence people fully to your advantage, that is why you are a bit worried as to whether relationships mean anything or not
Day special – Relationships as such have many hidden issues in the form of stress & obstacles, but the overall pattern is still supportive and you will be able to handle them well
Meena – You are very apprehensive about your own people and you want to take care of them, in that pattern financial stability will help you to handle your issues and you will be happy to do that
Do – Discuss your matters and you will see that lot of auspiciousness will come by, but family issues are a bit complicated and will require lot of involvement from your side
Don’t – Don’t forget that luck is favoring you in many ways and will help you to resolve your issues, that is the divine blessing which you carry and which will prove to be beneficial

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