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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Friday 29 October 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are testing your luck beyond what is required, in the process you may create loss for yourself and that is something to be avoided
Day special – You are being too rigid & forceful in your views, that is why you are not able to realize that lot of planning is needed at this stage, you cannot therefore depend on luck so much to cause upsets
Vrish – Financial angle is stable but there are periodical ups & downs in it, your savings are not making you any happy and that is why you are not understanding the strength of inflows as well
Do – Taking & giving of loans and overall financial planning is essential to be made, for that you have to keep very stable views and not change them subsequently
Don’t – Don’t forget that relationships will also have to be nurtured, there are inherent differences in that which needs to be cared now
Mithun – Career is important and you are getting adequate support in that regard, your own abilities can also be put to right use if you take a little care
Day special – The process is such that you must improve your own performance, your own efforts are lacking and that is why the best is not yet coming
Karka – Generally lucky period but you are thinking otherwise, you are just thinking about the stress & differences which you carry and that is not the right thing to do
Do – Any change of place may be on your mind but there are forces which are unstable, you will have to take very careful decisions in that regard
Don’t – Don’t forget that travels may also have problems & pressures attached to that, there also a lot of carefulness is needed at this stage
Simha – Many hidden problems can be there for you to handle, especially in relationships you must realize that not everything is as smooth
Day special – Your senior, your elders have to be given due importance, you cannot be unfair in your own approach as that can create rift and distance
Kanya – You have to connect with others fully so that you are benefited, this will help you to overcome many of your issues & apprehensions
Do – The best advantage is by discussing your matters carefully, for that you will have to avoid any differences of opinion side by side
Don’t – Don’t forget that home & family is your strength, you have to remove your apprehensions so that you are able to get best advantage out of that
Tula – Health is an issue which you have been neglecting for a while, on health matters you cannot depend on luck as that can be unfortunate
Day special – The goodness of this period lies in the fact that there is divine blessing for you, a little bit of care from your side on matters of importance can be beneficial, that includes health as well
Vrishchik – You are worried for relationships, there are too many things happening which bring back that stress again & again
Do – For your own people you may be worried, that may include your child or your relationships,
Don’t – Don’t forget that as such there is nothing which is wrong, this is just a question of unstable times which will take a while to settle, then everything will be all right
Dhanu – Home & family is important and your devotion towards that is remarkable, you will get the happiness in the process and that is important
Day special – Connect with others and you will be benefited, but by doing so remove your own apprehensions which is the culprit at this stage
Makar – There may be travels for you which may worry you a bit, on your hard work or efforts there is instability which may cause some stress to you indirectly
Do – Work is important and luck is favoring you in that, but your own mindset is slightly negative which may create stress & pressures
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial angle is stable and rewarding, that is the best advantage which you can get at this stage
Kumbh – Financial situation is stable and there is nothing really to worry, but on relationships there are inherent factors of pressures which you will have to face,
Day special – Your own supporters may not be able to appreciate your viewpoint, for that reason there are deficiencies in you as well in your supporters as each one of you is not able to see the other point of view
Meena – This period is helping you to gain a lot of confidence, in the process you are harming your personal life and creating pressures in that
Do – You have to remove the unnecessary apprehensions from your mind, having lack of trust for your own people is not advantageous
Don’t – Don’t forget that generally it is a lucky period which will help you immensely, especially on financial front there is a blessing under which you are placed

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