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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wednesday 6 October 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Despite some differences in relationships you want to take those to the next level, that shows your own sincerity in whatever you desire and whatever you want
Do – People around will have to be given their due importance, that is the only way you can protect yourself from differences and disputes
Don’t – Don’t forget that there are disagreements with your elders & supporters, they may not be fully convinced with your ideas and that is why their views are changing everyday
Vrish – Your rigid behavior is the reason for differences in home & family, you will have to understand the views of others and only then you can win their hearts
Day special – In all kinds of thoughts where some love relationship is emerging you require support as well as stability, to achieve that you will have to become very mild in your approach
Mithun – There may be travels on your mind and far off linkages, you wish to move on that path but there are many contradicting factors
Do – You do not want to go away from your loved ones, you want to remain connected with them at whatever cost
Don’t – Don’t forget that relationships need to be nurtured, for that your positive efforts will definitely help you & solve your problems
Karka – Home & family is important to you and that is what you are trying to achieve, in the process you have lot of happiness available to you for various reasons
Day special – You are taking favorable decisions for investment, you are also communicating well with your friends and with your well wishers and that is proving to be advantageous to you
Simha – Your efforts are remarkable in whatever you are trying to do, as a result luck is also favoring you and this all will lead to success for you
Do – Monetary position is stable but you will have to take care, financial planning also includes the fact that you cannot make others envious of you or unhappy with you
Don’t – Don’t therefore be too impulsive in your outflows which can reduce the goodness of this period, largely relationships must also be given importance as there are inherent weaknesses in that, don’t forget that
Kanya – Monetary circumstances are important to you for many reasons, on one hand your savings are stable and on the other hand you are wasting that stability with your own unplanned ways
Day Special – You may be keen for changes in your work but you must remember the goodness of this period also, you are doing fine and that is a blessing, psychologically you will have to remain stress-free to maintain this stability
Tula – Your own self-confidence will help you immensely at this stage, but that very self-confidence is working against you also in many ways
Do – On financial matters you are being careless and that is showing, that can lead to wastages or losses which must be controlled
Don’t – Don’t forget that rewards from work are adequate and that can please you, but that must be done by taking help & guidance of others which is generally available to you
Vrishchik – You may be keen to enjoy your prosperity and spend on pleasures, at the same time your focus towards your work is unquestionable and that is the goodness which you carry
Day special – Financial rewards are stable and will please you, all this is the result of hard work which you have put in and that is showing now
Dhanu – Financial prosperity is abundant and you are pleased with that, but you are realizing that your expenses are not small and they will also have to be met
Do – Your own work related situation can become favorable, for that reason your efforts of this period can prove to be advantageous immensely
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that luck is playing its positive role for you in many ways, more than anything else it is shaping your future in a very positive manner and that is a blessing
Makar – Your career is stable although you are not as happy as you should be, especially on matters connected with your partner you have your own psychological issues which you carry
Day special – Generally it is a period which requires peace & patience, there is nothing as drastically wrong as you think, luck is therefore on your side
Kumbh – Abundantly lucky period in many ways, work is moving smoothly and you are blessed
Do – On personal relationships there is lot of upheaval which needs to be addressed, there are many issues which cannot be ignored at this stage and you have to address them
Don’t – Don’t forget that peace & patience will come if you understand others, but you will also have to understand the inherent weaknesses of this period even if they are small or trivial matters
Meena – Somewhat stressed period for many reasons, despite your efforts you are not getting the matching rewards and that is a problem
Day special – Your own people are supportive & nice, but you are having issues which are made up in the mind and that is why there is stress with your own people, that angle needs to be handled carefully

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