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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Monday 25 October 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – In whatever you speak there can be some amount of unfairness, especially for your own people you can be sarcastic & hurtful
Day special – A lot of care is needed in what you speak, it can show you in poor light and make you rigid, that can spoil your image unnecessarily
Vrish – On home & family matters you can get into conflicts, if you discuss your matters some amount of peace & patience can emerge
Do – You have to understand that people around you are very forceful in their views, you may have to become milder and listen to others at this stage
Don’t – Don’t therefore let any complication arise, don’t let any discussion lead to hurtful arguments
Mithun – Your efforts are not up to the mark and you are getting away from your goals, you must remember that false self-confidence is not going to help
Day special – You are being too rigid in your expenses & outflows also, that can indirectly put your money into difficulty and put pressures on you
Karka – You want to invest but your savings are not supporting you, that is why you are thinking of many alternative sources to raise funds
Do – Your own involvement and conviction at this stage can be rewarding, you have the ability and that ability must be put to right use
Don’t – Don’t forget that relationships can emerge which can give you lot of happiness, especially if they have connections with your work place you will be benefited
Simha – You want to work hard but somehow these are mere thoughts without any actions, you also want to bring about changes in your life but that is not happening
Day special – Happiness & stability go hand in hand and that is what you are aware of, that is why you are happy in your home & family and you are not willing to work as much to take your life forward
Kanya – Expenses can increase and they can remain unplanned, while your savings are intact and your financial position is stable there is lack of planning also
Do – You are depending on luck and luck is favoring you, for that reason there are factors which are motivating you immensely to even take risks
Don’t – Don’t forget that many hidden and unexpected problems can arise, don’t also forget that some pressures may continue as a result of your unplanned ways & expenses
Tula – Financial position may not be as comfortable because of your wastages, but your savings are adequate to take care of your outflows also and that is why you are not planning properly for your funds
Day special – Work related pressures can be there but this entire period is rewarding, you still have to maintain the goodness by discussing your matters with others as that can resolve many problems
Vrishchik – Work related situation is not as strong at the moment, that is why your expenses seem to larger than your inflows
Do – Luck is generally supportive and there is nothing adverse, especially on matters connected with your involvement with others you are already a winner
Don’t – Don’t therefore think of negativity all the time, look at the goodness which is abundant and which will help you to achieve what you wish to achieve
Dhanu – Luck may not help you to improve your financial position, but your own hard work & conviction can prove to be beneficial as a result
Day special – Psychologically you may be stressed but these are factors made up in your mind, more if you become too rigid and too forceful in your thoughts
Makar – Work related situation is stable and there is nothing to worry, therefore you must continue to use your abilities in the right direction and you will be rewarded
Do – Protect yourself from unfair thoughts of your boss, despite that there may not be any real harm to you and you will be protected
Don’t – Don’t still ignore the fact that there is some hidden factor or undercurrent which you may have to face, financial matters are stable and you are blessed
Kumbh – Personal life matters are weak and especially marital issues are averagely placed, you will have to become mild in your thoughts if you have to avoid stress in home & family
Day special – There may be ups & downs in issues connected with personal life, but the overall undercurrent is stable and auspicious, there may not be any big upset as a result
Meena – Your own abilities will motivate you to work really hard, but you may put your efforts in a directionless manner which may not give you the rewards as you want
Do – Very careful & proper planning is required at this stage, ups & downs of your own involvement is the culprit which is not helping you
Don’t – Don’t therefore side by side ignore your health as that is a problematic area, that can indirectly impact other areas of life also negatively, don’t let that happen

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