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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Monday 18 October 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are not happy with your work and that is why you are thinking about change all the time, at the same time you are getting worried & disillusioned
Do – Lot of peace & patience is required, thinking negatively is not going to help, that will increase your stress
Don’t – Don’t also get into any kind of differences of opinion as a result, you will have to depend on others and you will have to show that goodness to others
Vrish – By depending too much on luck you are actually increasing your risks, there can be hidden upsets which may not prove to be as advantageous, therefore you will have to take lot of care
Day special – While it is essential to remove your doubts you will also have to take very careful decisions about your money, risking your money at this stage will prove to be harmful as your own logical thinking may be lost
Mithun – You are not able to trust others fully and that is why you are becoming very negative in your approach, as a result you are creating stress in your own family and that is not good
Do – Keep a lot of patience and understand the goodness of others, as a result you will be able to get the support of people around you fully which is very essential
Don’t – Don’t let your personal relationships or marital relationship suffer, don’t also forget that relationships in general are vibrant but lot of regular involvement is needed
Karka – Health related issues may bother you and as a result you may be disillusioned, you are also getting into unnecessary issues in your personal life and with people around you
Day special – Travels or disputes can prove to be costly, therefore you will have to keep a lot of patience especially in trying to understand others as that will help
Simha – Some love relationship is not moving as per your desire, you are therefore distressed in a manner that you are not able to trust anyone fully
Do – Talk over your differences as that is the only way to resolve your issues, even in home & family you will have to show a lot of restraint so that upsets do not occur
Don’t – Don’t therefore be too impulsive in your approach, taking decisions without forethought is going to be harmful and that is where you have to protect yourself
Kanya – You are dissatisfied with the support which you are getting from others, you wish to take your emotional involvements to a stage where you may want the support from others dully
Day Special – Any kind of decision which requires financial implications have to be considered carefully, your self-confidence is generally high and you will be to handle your issues well
Tula – Your are doubting your own abilities and that is the negativeness which you carry, you must maintain stability & regularity at this stage
Do – Protect yourself from thinking too much and thinking in terms of extremes, that is where the problem may lie and you may annoy people who are important
Don’t – Don’t also think of change of place unnecessarily, you have to consider all options and all factors at the same time
Vrishchik – You are not happy with your savings or with your financial situation, but the reality is that your finances are generally stable and there is no cause for concern
Day special – Largely it is an issue which requires peace & patience, even in your day to day involvement or efforts you will require that patience to achieve your goals, that is important to understand
Dhanu – You have to trust your own abilities as that is important, you cannot face an interview or face any discussion with any lack of trust in yourself
Do – Connect with others and understand others, your strength lies in your own goodness which is important
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial inflows can become lucrative, but more than anything else your own abilities will have to be showcased so that you get the advantage, don’t therefore let any kind of negativity cross your mind, don’t get isolated or get away from people, this period suggests that you must connect with others fully
Makar – You may be uneasy thinking about many changes or options, but this is a normal human psychology that anxiety is always there
Day special – Largely this situation requires a lot of understanding from your side, you have the ability and you have the desire to perform, that will give you the advantage in the long run
Kumbh – You may not be happy with your financial position, these are the thoughts made up in your mind and is not real, your savings are adequate to help you
Do – You are creating certain obstacles for yourself by your own mistakes, you will have to change your own attitude and make it more vibrant
Don’t – Don’t therefore neglect that fact that your own knowledge has to be used in the right direction, if you carry dissatisfactions on your mind you will not be able to do that
Meena – In your work your strength lies, in your own thinking your weakness lies, it is up to you as to which path you have to choose
Day special – You have to understand that the greater strength of this period lies in your ability to connect with others, but you must do that by removing all kinds of confusions or clutter from your mind, understand that very clearly

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