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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Friday 15 October 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are getting into differences with people who are important, that can create misunderstandings and upsets, protect yourself from that
Day special – Even in work related situation you have to be careful, your boss can be difficult and can become against you, you have to therefore depend on your own abilities which must be improved or used with regularity
Vrish – You want to take the support of your own people in many ways, whether in improving your overall situation in life in terms of performance or for getting happiness in relationships
Do – The help which you expect at this stage may come, your own goodness will appear and lot of auspiciousness will emerge, that is a divine blessing
Don’t – Don’t still be too firm or rigid in your resolve, that can unnecessarily take away the stability of this period which you are trying to achieve
Mithun – Your positive efforts can actually bring about lot of goodness & happiness in your life, for that you have to remain motivated and upright, as such there is no deficiency in your own involvement
Day special – The weakness lies in your thinking which is becoming a bit negative, you are constantly thinking about obstacles & problems and that is where the actual problem lies
Karka – People are important and you have to give that importance to them, but more than that you have to communicate well and show your goodness and integrity towards others
Do – Many situations are such which require careful handling, there are inherent stress & pressures which you will have to understand,
Don’t – Don’t neglect the fact that expenses can be high, more than that there can be people who are trying to cheat you or cause harm to you, don’t let that happen
Simha – You are getting into differences because you are not able to communicate properly, you have the ability but somehow it is leading to anger and breaking of ties which is not good
Day special – Understand that clear communication will help you at this stage, if you think negatively then you are thinking about creating harm for yourself which must be protected
Kanya – Financial upsets & losses can be there, that can take away the goodness of this period but you will have to blame yourself for that
Do – Understand that emotions or relationships cannot be the background to any pragmatic decisions, if you give importance to that and think with your heart you are actually creating upsets for yourself
Don’t – Don’t think that resolving everything or pleasing everyone is possible, there are always issues which are left to the best judgment of God whose wishes are more important than our own wishes
Tula – There can be financial upsets because you are constantly thinking about change or change of place, so much so that it may even seem lucrative but the resultant pressure is immense
Day special – You are torn between two situations where you are undecided as to which path you should take, as a result you are getting away from your own people which is not right
Vrishchik – Gains from work are immense and your own efforts will benefit you, side by side you have to understand that luck favors those who help themselves
Do – There is need for you to sustain your efforts on regular basis, your mind may wander here & there but still there is need for you to remain focused
Don’t – Don’t forget that routine kind of issues or upsets will continue to bother you, but that is the reality which you will have to face as everything cannot be in your favor
Dhanu – Immense auspiciousness is possible as many things are working out to your advantage, people who are important will come forward to support you & guide you in the right manner
Day special – Indirectly your career can be benefited with your own involvement, speak in a manner which shows your professionalism as that is important
Makar – People who were against you are now trying to guide you & help you, that will please you as many things are turning out to your own advantage
Do – This is generally a stable & lucky period for you, you will realize that your own efforts are in the right direction and your positive involvement is giving you the growth in your life
Don’t – Don’t ignore the fact that some people require more praise than others, you will have to also praise others more than anything else at this stage so that the resultant goodness is achieved by you
Kumbh – Slightly distressful period as not many things are to your advantage, some people are trying to harm you and cause upsets for you
Day special – Your boss will have to be handled carefully as this is a weak period, you will have to understand that routine issues can even convert into disadvantage for you for which you will have to be careful
Meena – Generally everything may seem to all right, but there are many hidden issues which are continuing to cause alarm for you in many ways
Do – Money will have to be protected, if you wish to take loan then you will have to understand its proper utilization as your money may even get wasted
Don’t – Don’t underestimate the fact that you can get the guidance in many ways, some people may come forward and even help you to take your decisions

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