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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sunday 17 October 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – This is a period when some relationship can give you a lot of happiness, you may also get along with your partners or associates to give you the satisfaction which you deserve
Week special – Your desires in some relationship may be fulfilled, but the impact of stability of response from the other partner may come slowly and with passage of time
Vrish – There may be differences of opinion which you will have to control, if money is to be repaid then only then you will be able to resolve those differences by actually repaying what you must do now
Do – Luck is generally favoring you and that is another name of your own hard work & performance, to that extent your performance can be remarkable and you will be benefited
Don’t – Don’t be too rigid in resolving your issues, try to have a flexible viewpoint and also stick to what you state, changing your own views will spoil your situation
Mithun – If you consider many relationships in a bid to find the best option for you then you are likely to get into differences of opinion as well, for that reason you may even remain psychologically uneasy or depressed
Week special – Your own thinking is making you difficult with your own people, you are not trying to appreciate the goodness of your own people by creating adverse thoughts in your mind
Karka – Abundantly auspicious period for you to find happiness and stability in your life, you can connect with others and show that you care
Do – Travels can be there for you but there may be difficulties in those travels also, for that reason you will have to plan well in terms of time & money as that is important
Don’t – Don’t forget that you will have to communicate with your own partners to take your work forward, by doing so your own well wishers will come to your support & help and that will be advantageous
Simha – Success of this period lies in the fact that you have the ability to work hard, but you also carry the risk of thinking negatively and creating psychological differences of opinion
Week special – The best indication is to discuss your matters and resolve your issues, to sit across the table and resolve your issues is easy than to get into prolonged conflicts
Kanya – Your money may be at risk because there can be many hidden upsets in the process, for that reason your own hard work may also get spoilt because your mind is diverted
Do – You are constantly thinking about some relationship and fulfilling your desires, you are ignoring other aspects of life which are also important
Don’t – Don’t therefore risk your money in any manner and in any way, careful discussion & planning on financial matters is absolutely essential
Tula – Relationships are important to you and you will get the support which you expect, you may get the appreciation of your partner but you may still get away from your family in the process
Week special – A balance is required in your life at this stage to please everyone around you, it may be difficult but still an effort has to be made to understand everyone around you and that will help
Vrishchik – You are thinking of far off linkages and far off options, you are also inclined to spend as a result and put yourself into pressure as far as money is concerned
Do – Travels may be on your mind but there is a linkage of high rewards for you, in handling any discussion you will have to show your patience
Don’t – Don’t go wrong in terms of any financial documents, take care while handling such documents as there can be inherent pressure or risk in that
Dhanu – Financial prosperity is indicated but expenses & outflows are also high, you may have to therefore plan your moves very carefully to protect yourself
Week special – You may also be inclined to face some interview at this stage and get the advantage, to make your career this kind of effort is very essential
Makar – You may be inclined to invest in your business to make it more powerful and vibrant, this is a favorable period to attempt this and to get the rewards in the process
Do – Auspiciousness is generally supporting you and you will be rewarded, your own people will also come forward to join you in this involvement which you must take
Don’t – Don’t forget that God is kind in many ways, you have to be thankful at all times so that this goodness is maintained
Kumbh – Your own hard work can lead to your success, that is what people called as luck whereas luck is something which you make with your own efforts
Week special – You may be thinking too much and creating stress for yourself, so much so that you may be increasing your own expenses which may indirectly put pressure on you in the long run, protect yourself from that
Meena – Financial issues need to be handled very carefully, you cannot depend on luck and take risks at the same time
Do – You will have to connect with your supporters, well-wishers or partners, even on the factors of financial involvement your dependence on others will bring out goodness in you
Don’t – Don’t still be careless as far as the overall planning aspect is concerned, you may have good people around you but disagreements can also emerge side by side, protect yourself from that

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