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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday 31 October 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – Your interaction with others is going to help you to connect with others fully, there can be disagreements which must be controlled at this stage to prove that you are continuing to be good to others
Week special – Actually there is reason for you to become mild in your approach, only then you will be able to resolve these issues which have been continuing for a while
Vrish – Relationships are under stress as there are many issues to be resolved, even in discussions to resolve them you may not show your goodness to prove your intentions
Do – You are changing your views and that is spoiling your own image, for that reason your honest intensions are also not working properly
Don’t – Don’t forget that your opponents are strong at this stage and you will have to accept their views, it is important to accept your own weaknesses at times
Mithun – Overall pattern is stable & healthy, your own people are supportive towards you to understand your views for some love relationship,
Week special – Your efforts are suffering because you are being too lazy or lethargic, for that reason you may even get into heated disputes connected with money
Karka – Travels, change or change of place is indicated, but there are many factors which you are not realizing and they can be upsetting with any such change
Do – You must assess your situation carefully, especially on factors which have to be given importance to understand them fully
Don’t – Don’t therefore depend on luck to prove to yourself that everything is all right, even small matters of pressures or disagreements will have to be given their importance so that they do not become problematic at a later stage
Simha – Financial position is stable but you not able to hold on to that, your impulsive and wasteful outflows as a result of your rigid behavior is the reason for loss
Week special – Your own behavior towards others is a bit unfair, that is why your relationships are suffering and you are not able to hold on to them, you must do something positive to improve this situation
Kanya – Financial position may be stable and your rewards from work are adequate, for that reason there is lot of goodness which is available to you in many ways
Do – One of the indications to give goodness to you is that luck is favoring you, on top of it your own efforts are remarkable and that is contributing towards your success
Don’t – While your overall prosperity is intact you may try to understand the hidden issues connected with your work, someone may be trying to talk against you at your back in a bid to harm you
Tula – Generally lucky period but wastages are indicated, your own self-confidence is such that you are not realizing those factors and putting pressures for yourself
Week special – Routine issues, matters and circumstances will have to be given adequate importance, so much so that your money which you spend will have to be assessed very carefully as it is the wasteful circumstances which can overpower you, hence each step forward is important
Vrishchik – There are routine kind of obstacles to cause hindrances in your life, while everything may seem all right but there are pressures building up which are not looking very good
Do – Financial angle needs to be handled with lot of planning, more so in times when work is not as strong you will have to be careful on that
Don’t – Don’t forget that in such moments it is wise to become mild in your approach, you are as such very forceful in your ways and this is a period which requires that you become very humble
Dhanu – Rewards from work are on your mind and they can be created, but psychologically you have to remain attuned to that focus and only then you will get those rewards
Week special – In a bid to move forward you will have to trust others, especially on matters where you are thinking negatively you will have to change that attitude
Makar – Luck is generally favoring you but differences of opinion are also there side by side, for that reason you will have to be very careful as you can risk the stability of your career on account of these differences
Do – Connect with others and try to understand the views of others, then you will see that many factors are trying to help you and support you
Don’t – Don’t create misunderstandings from your side, be very polite and transparent in your views and don’t cause harm to any one through your cleverness
Kumbh – Relationships are important to you and that is why it is more important to resolve the differences which you are carrying on your mind, as such there are inherent stressful problems which you will have to handle in this regard
Week special – Patience may be needed to handle your affairs carefully, the best course is to stay connected with your work and don’t get into any misunderstandings at this stage
Meena – Family issues are important and they are becoming stressful, there are many factors which are getting out of hand and you are not able to control them
Do – You will have to understand that your family may not support you in some relationship which you are carrying, for that reason your own forcefulness is also not helping you at this stage
Don’t – Don’t forget that money alone cannot resolve your issues, blessings of your elders will have to be obtained in whatever you try to do at this stage, that is important to understand

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