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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Friday 8 October 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are trying to help others and that will resolve your differences with others as well, more than anything else it will project your honesty and goodness to others
Do – Psychologically you may have to remain at peace as only then the conflicts of your mind will go, there is a bit of effort required to do that
Don’t – Don’t expect anything in some love relationship at this stage, you may not be able to achieve the harmony which you desire & deserve
Vrish – Relationships are important to you but your negative forcefulness is the culprit, that is why you are getting away from your own people and your loved ones
Day special – Pushing for your own ideas or desires has to be controlled, by doing so you may have to accept the fact that some outflows or losses can also be there, still remaining peaceful will help
Mithun – Money should not be the deciding factor in any thing you wish to do, especially where your emotions are concerned money does not play a role
Do – Health is an important factor which must be addressed, in any discussion to please others you cannot show your anger as that is not right
Don’t – Don’t forget that you have abundant ability, based on that you can influence others very well and that should be your effort
Karka – Abundantly stable & auspicious period, this will provide the necessary goodness & happiness which you expect and that is what this period reveals,
Day special – Your own positive efforts are leading to this goodness, you are able to communicate well with others and draw that happiness both in personal and professional life
Simha – The auspiciousness of this period motivates you to work further hard, that will provide you the financial stability which you are trying to achieve,
Do – You still must look out for the trouble spots wherever they exist, especially in matters connected with your elders you will have to consider their viewpoint
Don’t – Don’t still forget that luck is favoring you and your work is moving forward, that will be the reason to smile and to achieve success in the process
Kanya – While your efforts are remarkable you still have many issues to handle, there are many upsetting factors which can lead to your monetary difficulties
Day Special – While money may be stable generally you still have to take care of that, more than anything else you have to control your anger as it can spoil the stability of this period
Tula – Favorable period to improve your self-confidence further, but the diversity of your pressures is such that you are forced to think about so many things at the same time
Do – Handle your affairs one at a time and you will succeed, but more than anything else keep your mind cool especially on matters of far off linkages or unnecessary expenses
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that your effort should be connected in the right direction, it should not lead to any differences of opinion especially with your elders
Vrishchik – You are yourself being careless and that is why your wastages are showing, you will have to protect yourself from any kind of loss which can be inherently there
Day special – While financial position is stable there is still need to handle your day to day affairs carefully, there is abundant auspiciousness which will protect you but what you speak must show very stable & disciplined views
Dhanu – Your own knowledge & skills will have to be used to bring you auspiciousness and prosperity in the process, that must also include your efforts for stabilizing your personal & professional life
Do – Your efforts therefore require very stable & matured thinking, it may not be therefore difficult to achieve what you wish to achieve at this stage
Don’t – Don’t be too forceful in expenses at this stage, go slowly and you will realize that with passage of time your decisions especially for expenses will be favorable
Makar – Generally stable & happy period, lot of auspiciousness is helping you to achieve your goals in life
Day special – Work related situation is remarkable and your efforts are showing, your abilities are being put to right use and you will be benefited with that, all in all you have to be thankful to God
Kumbh – This period provides excellent motivation for you to work and achieve, for that reason luck will start supporting you like never before and you will be amazed as to how things turn in your favor
Do – Most important is to keep yourself mild and then the best will emerge, if you remain pleasant in what you speak you will be further benefited
Don’t – Don’t forget that personal relationships are under stress, that is where a lot of carefulness is needed and patience is needed
Meena – Weak period as there are many hidden issues which may surface, you may be trying to be pleasant in relationships but not everything may turn out to your advantage
Day special – You must maintain your goodness and leave the rest to God, but as far as relationships are concerned don’t get into any stressful situation as it may lead to rift & differences, don’t let that happen

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