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Friday, October 8, 2010

Saturday 9 October 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – On one hand you are trying to connect with others and on the other hand you are having doubts & apprehensions about others, for your own people or for your partners if you carry such thoughts then it will lead to separation or rift
Day special – Your own views are changing rapidly, and that is why you are getting confused & uneasy, you have to remain helpful & devoted to others even if others are not able to appreciate that fully
Vrish – Health related issues can be there, you may also be worried that your image should not be spoilt
Do – There is need for you to be pleasant & nice in whatever you speak in your discussions, that can only resolve your issues and avoid the conflicts
Don’t – In any discussion or conflict don’t decide about something today and change that tomorrow, that will show you in very poor light and that is to be avoided
Mithun – On one hand you want to carry some relationship forward and on the other hand you want to give importance to the views of your own family, that is where your thoughts are divided in these two extremes
Day special – There is need for you to handle your personal life with ability and only then you will be happy, you will have to remove the lack of trust which you carry for others as that is not going to help
Karka – On matters connected with your own people you may carry certain thoughts which are in the form of disagreements, but you are yourself not convinced as to what others are expecting out of you
Do – There is need for you to help your own people emotionally & financially, and by doing so side by side you will have to maintain good relations at any cost
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own focus & involvement can resolve many matters, these are slightly difficult times but still there is lot of divine protection available to you
Simha – Relationships are under stress and you are aware of the problems, you are not convinced with the views of your elders as you think that they are not trying to understand you
Day special – There is need for you to convey your thoughts clearly, if you communicate on regular basis many of your views will be appreciated and that is important
Kanya – Many factors in personal life need to be resolved with patience and with discussions, even on matters connected with financial dealings you will have to depend on others and take the support of others
Do – While doing so you have to show your goodness and your ability, you have to also depend on your financial stability to handle these factors to your advantage
Don’t – Don’t at the same time annoy people who are important, there are inherent factors of conflicts continuing which must be controlled
Tula – Your own goodness is abundant but your efforts are lacking, that is why you are becoming unstable in your approach in many ways
Day special – Your ability & goodness lies in the fact that you are able to get the support in many ways, but your wasteful ways are still to be controlled which are not letting that goodness appear fully
Vrishchik – Your outflows are there and your worries connected with funds may also be there, financial angle is strong & stable and inflows will take care of that abundantly
Do – Be careful in what you speak in relationships, that can show you in poor light and you will have to regret later
Don’t – Don’t therefore say or day anything in panic, keep lot of patience and let time go through at this stage, and you will be happy that you had kept that patience at the right moment
Dhanu – Financial prosperity is indicated although expenses are high, but overall happiness & prosperity is with you which is a remarkable situation
Day special – This is also a period wherein you have to give importance to your career, by doing so you will be planning for future which is very important to do at this stage
Makar – Travels, changes or expenses all need to be handled with care, while there is overall auspiciousness available to you, you still will have to keep patience in your professional matters
Do – Your own abilities must show strength & regularity, you cannot run away from your responsibilities
Don’t – Don’t forget that your partners or associates are trying to help you to take your career forward, but you have to get convinced first and only then you can take those steps forward
Kumbh – You may be carrying lots of anxiety about your financial position, but this is an overall situation which is supportive and there is nothing adverse
Day special – Routine kind of pressures, issues & expenses are bothering you, for that reason you are even getting into stress in relationships unnecessarily which needs to be controlled
Meena – Professional pressures are largely made up in your mind, that is why you are thinking about problems all the time and creating those problems in your mind
Do – In relationships particularly you will have to show lot of patience, you must also give due importance to people on whom you have to depend
Don’t – Don’t therefore show any instability of your thoughts at this stage, your goodness is abundant and it has to be shown & used so that others are able to appreciate that

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