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Thursday, April 10, 2008

10th April 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Your efforts are becoming very positive now, your self confidence will also help you to achieve your goals, all this possible because you are committed for hard work
Do – negative ness is also made up in your mind, wait for a few more days for all this to be removed
Don’t – don’t be too rigid in your attitude, it is in the form of false self confidence
Differences in marriage and loss of money, both can cause problems, you are being forceful and that is why you are having conflicting attitude
Day special – this period is influenced by your forcefulness, on account of this you may gain a lot professionally and financially, but you will also loose because of this very rigid ness
Career is stable, changes are on your mind, but you want more money, that has to be thought carefully
Do – improve your own thinking, you are being lethargic and that will not help
Don’t – don’t be unfair in marital relations, be supportive and cooperative
Changes in your career are on your mind, it can be a period of auspiciousness but it will also give your problems on account of egoistic attitude
Day special – this is a favourable period for your prosperity, this is a blessing that you are getting everything in such a good manner
Very favourable period for your studies to improve, but you are having lot of diversions of mind, luck will support you generally, but you have to control your own mistakes
Do – monetary pressures may continue, hence accept this reality
Don’t – don’t be dissatisfied, gains from property are there, but you are not as happy
Very weak period for profession, problems are also more, and these are in the form of unexpected obstacles
Day special – you are trying to your best to improve your circumstances, this effort is slow to give you results, but soon you will get the rewards
You are trying to improve the quality of your marriage, but pressures are still continuing, one reason is that you are being too rigid in your attitude
Do – be more caring and cooperative, that will help to improve your relations
Don’t – don’t be so upset, many things have improved in the last few days, financial pressures may still be there, but soon that will also improve
Luck will favor you immensely, but you will have to be very mild in your attitude, otherwise conflicts will appear
Day special – this is again a period of improving your knowledge, appreciation for you will improve with this effort, your fame will also increase
Emotional inclinations will improve but the next step of marriage will have to wait, psychologically you will have to be more at peace, there is no point in getting depressed
Do – pressures income and family, but you can reduce those pressures with your love and involvement
Don’t – don’t waste money on articles which are not gong to be used by you
Home family property and money can be under pressure, mentally you have positive attitude, and the is no problem in that
Day special – more than mental inclination you will have to convert these thoughts into action, which you are not doing
Very fortunate period, your hard work will improve your knowledge, your knowledge will further improve your professional growth
Do – gains form property are possible, try to achieve that
Don’t – don’t shed your confusions, you will be able to do that soon
Very favourable period for financial gains, expenses on family or investment in property can be on your mind, but that will still take some more time
Day special – emotional inclinations are strong for some love relationship, but obstacles and differences can be there on account of lack of trust

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