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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

8th April 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Monetary pressures on account of family children as also travels, But God will take care of all your needs
Do – your attitude is becoming positive now, maintain that goodness
Don’t – your spouse is being too rigid and you are being indifferent, don’t let that happen
Financial position is excellent, but more than that your focus toward that is very stable, that thinking and involvement will help you eventually
Day special – in your attitude of forcefulness don’t try to be stiff, that does not bring happiness and harmony with others
Excellent opportunity for change, even some foreign connection may appear, that will give you happiness and fulfillment of your dreams
Do – your abilities will be appreciated, and that is the outcome of your hard work, this is the period of rewards
Don’t – don’t be too lethargic, you are not fulfilling the responsibilities from your side
Gains from property can be there, this is a very fortunate situation, career change in on your mind which can be considered now
Day special – the weakness of confusion is removed now, you can take the right decision now which will prove to be auspicious
Generally you are doing fine in life, but stress and pressure can still be there, this can be the stress of over work because you are doing well
Do – you have the knowledge and forcefulness to forge ahead but others have to appreciate that, convey that from your side
Don’t – don’t financial pressures may continue but don’t be worried, it will be alright soon
Very lucky period in many ways, finances are also strong, but you are inclined to be in a fighting mood
Day special – you are doing fine, hence it is essential that you have a very optimistic view in life
Mixed period of good and bad, in such periods one should be mild and humble, your own forcefulness even can cause upsets
Do – your hard work is showing well, that can bring many positive improvements in life
Don’t – don’t depend on luck, it may not be of any use
Expenses towards spouse and children have to be controlled, move ahead in a planned way
Day special – financial pressures can be there, hence don’t spend in any manner which may prove to be wasteful
You can invest in property or spend for your home or family, very auspicious period for that
Do – luck is supporting you in all your efforts students must devote time in studies now
Don’t – don’t take any loan if you can avoid it at this stage
Very auspicious period for your professional well-being, but lot of patience is still needed
Day special – there is lot of protection for you in any property matter, that is also a divine blessing, but remember that any dispute cannot be pleasant and can lead to your loss
Very auspicious period for financial gains, these gains are directly related to your luck and gains from property
Do – shed your dissatisfactions, that is never helpful, it never lets you get happiness
Don’t – don’t let your studies suffer, this is specially for students
Despite oppositions and obstacles your hard work will being gains to you, you can consider investment in property also
Day special – career remains stable and that is the blessing for you, even your boss wills tart supporting you

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