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Monday, April 7, 2008

7th April 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Happiness in life is there, but this happiness can be better if you improve your relations with others, in any love relation you cannot have lack of trust
Day special – the intensions in any relationship must be honest, if you wish ill for others then you will get ill will only in return
You wish to gain from your family and relations, and you will be able to achieve that also, but the mental intension should be such that you do not harm anyone
Do – if in business then you will gain well, but your partners may not be supportive
Don’t – don’t undertake any travels because there may be some hidden upsets in that
Your efforts can improve your career and also the attitude of your boss towards you, but you should not hide anything from your side
Day special – you are doing well in your career, that is the biggest strength, your spouse is very supportive, but you have to improve your attitude
You are not happy with the accretion of wealth, you wish to amass wealth but the dissatisfaction is made up in your mind
Do – postpone any decision connected with profession, because gradually a lot of protection is appearing and you will not go wrong
Don’t – don’t compare, this attitude does not help, in any comparison you will think that your wealth is lesser than others wealth
Weak period, dissatisfactions from boss health and relationships, it is important to have stable thinking, don’t get upset needlessly
Day special – it is important to avoid problems with boss but more important to keep yourself happy, ultimately that is important, you have ample happiness form family and children
Weak period psychologically and professionally, but you have to come out of dissatisfactions in life
Do – protection is appearing slowly, and you must try to improve that gradually
Don’t – don’t think that everything is alright on the health front, health problems or losses, both can bother you, loss of health is a bigger loss than loss of wealth
You have to handle your finances better, the may be dissatisfactions but that is natural, if you think really no one is ever satisfied
Day special – children must start improving the hard work now, only then your confusions will be removed slowly
You are constantly worried about your work, but you have to learn to keep a lot of patience, otherwise some conflicts may appear
Do – period of work related stress, but constant hard work is the only answer
Don’t – don’t have any doubts about your work or your abilities, there is nothing wrong in that
Period of stress, you are not happy, relax for a while, have a holiday, de-stress yourself, God is there to protect your interests
Day special – students have to shed the fears and habit of day dreaming, start working now and you will not be stressed later
Pressure of home and family need better handling, even property matters need to be cared for, otherwise pressures may be built leading to conflicts
Do – in property matter in the family has to be settled
Don’t – don’t go back on your word or promise, that is not right
Mutual cooperation in home family relationships and marriage is needed, only then you will be able to gain from your family linkages
Day special – the wrong attitude lies in your uneasiness and dissatisfactions, but your financial gains will cover many weaknesses
Health concern in the form of fever or infection or any lack of diagnosis may be there
Do – some one is trying to cheat you and that person can be the most unexpected one
Don’t – don’t ignore mild obstacles connected with your finances, but that is life, what is life if there are no challenges

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