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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

1st April 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You wish to have stability in your life, even at the place where you and your family live, you will be able to achieve your dreams and desires
Day special – your financial stability has been good but your expenses will increase in the coming days, that will increase the pressure on you
Your friends are so supportive that you will benefit immensely from that, this auspiciousness can even make your destiny
Do – you are also thinking about gains from property, you can attempt that also
Don’t – don’t trust anyone in career or in property deals, find out the facts before taking any decision
Financial pressures can be there, even business expenses are likely to increase now in the coming days,
Day special – favourable time is appearing in which your ability and knowledge must be used in the profession, with that you will gain
You are trying to do your best and so much for others, but other s are being indifferent and not responding fully, that makes the differences continue
Do – trust others and show your care for others, even for your spouse
Don’t – don’t let your efforts slow down towards life, that is precisely what is happening
Money has to be spent to take care of your health, that is very essential, that will make you tension free, and remove your worries,
Day special – if there are differences with boss on financial package then also you have to keep your patience, because as such financial position will remain weak
You are trying to devote your efforts and time towards your studies, but it is a mere thought, actually the thoughts are not being converted into action
Do – you must improve your forcefulness and self-confidence at this stage
Don’t – don’t enter into any love relationship, it will not lead to any happiness, in this period
If you are trying to do some property related business then you may gain, in fact any type of property matter or decision can be rewarding
Day special – you can use your financial gains for repaying your loans, you must reduce your liabilities
Your luck will push you to work hard now, and your hard work will make your destiny, both these will be complimentary to each other
Do – this period is supportive and many doubts will be removed
Don’t – don’t get into any emotional relationship without thinking about its consequences
Your expenses may be high, hence you have to protect yourself from wasteful expenses also,
Day special – your family linkages are loving and your own self confidence is high, that will lead to your happiness in the days to come
You are at fault, whereas you are trying to find fault in others, in fact others are turning your well-wishers and you are not realizing this goodness
Do – your profession is turning strong but pressures are also increasing, try to keep a balance between the two
Don’t – don’t be depressed that some obstacles are continuing, actually many things are improving for you now
Health related pressures are increasing now but the good thing is that luck will start supporting you now
Day special – your financial position is likely to improve now in the days to come, ,this auspiciousness is increasing make the best of these good times
Your abilities and knowledge must be improved, you have to gain from these forces also, but some worries connected with money being stuck in disputes may be there
Do – obstacles are likely to increase for you now, try to protect your self from that
Don’t – don’t ignore that your boss is very forceful and important, devote more time towards that, it is essential to protect your interests

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