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Saturday, April 5, 2008

5th April 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Your desire for change of place or change of job or both can lead to pressures, you may be taking this decision because your family wants it
Day special – only luck is supporting you, whereas your own performance is weak, , other factors are also not supportive, you have to keep a lot of patience
Very promising situation, financial position is stable although you want it to be better, your friends are good and honest, but your expectations from them are higher
Do – speak well and speak sweetly, that will improve your relations with others
Don’t – don’t risk your savings into risky ventures, actually there is no real need to take such risks at this stage
Career is strong and the period is likely to be stable, money needs to be invested in business but there can be losses also, hence care is needed
Day special – your own focus is weak, but you expect so much more, remember that the rewards in life are linked to your efforts
You want financial gains from every situation, even from friends relations and spouse, and also from any kind of dispute, that can create tensions for you also
Do – invest in some property that can be very rewarding
Don’t – don’t be harsh in your speech, but the pressures are leading you to that
Pressures connected with health and obstacles in life, that is making you very dissatisfied also, but generally you are doing fine in your career
Day special – forcefulness can also lead to negative ness, you become the point of focus success attraction, but others feel jealous and uncomfortable
Emotions are suffering, your own attitude and focus is also weak, this is the period to depend on others, and take advantage of that
Do – career is weak but luck will protect you, and you will be happy
Don’t – don’t make your family and spouse unhappy by any thought or action
Very favourable period, but your thinking should support that favorableness, you are having pessimistic view, which leads to differences of opinion
Day special – your attitude should be such which supports your career and hard work, for that you have to condition your mind
Emotional inclinations are strong but you have worries about your professional responsibilities, for that there is no scope for relaxation, you have to accomplish so much more
Do – all your thoughts are directed towards your children, you must do that, that is the path to give you happiness also
Don’t – don’t be worried, many worries connected with home family and property are removed, the remaining will also be removed soon
Excellent focus towards your home and family, that will give you a lot of happiness, but family disputes should not be allowed to surface
Day special – your profession needs to be improved by a lot of effort, it is not difficult, such effort will lead to luck supporting you also
Good and stable period for your career, but you are thinking about money, and also about pressures connected with that
Do – god that you are trying to devote time for your progress, continue to do that
Don’t – don’t do anything without proper planning, that includes taking and giving of loans also
Because of financial strength you are risking your money, the can be lot of confusions on account of that
Day special – students are easting their time, they are just hoping that everything will be fine, that can be unfortunate
For the sake of gains or losses you can do anything, even get into troubles disputes or fights, but before that you have to ascertain the facts also
Do – some opposition is there and some female can be the reason behind that, try to protect your self form that
Don’t – don’t try to cheat anyone under any situation, be truthful

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