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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

2nd April 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are being selfish because you wish to interact with others for financial gains only, you are also not sure about your gains from business also
Do – your written material or some important papers can lead to some upsets
Don’t – don’t measure everything in terms of money alone, whether in profession or in relationships
Loss of money or expenses can lead to pressures of money, savings are also under pressure, you wish to gain from your partners but differences will have to be controlled
Day special – you are being too forceful now, this can convert it into a strong period for your self confidence
Health condition or some injury can cause upsets, but you are suffering more psychologically, you can use your knowledge and abilities to make your life happy and your profession stable
Do – protect your self form mistakes on account of your lethargy
Don’t – don’t ignore your health even though there is lot of protection
Any change of job or change of circumstances is not recommended, because there are confusions attached to it, even in emotions you may be distressed on account of differences
Day special – your attitude to help and support others is very praiseworthy, that will protect your from differences
Lucky gains of wealth from property loans or even parents, but don’t demand it or don’t fight over it, whatever you get must be taken as a blessing
Do – routine issues and matters must be handled with carefulness
Don’t – don’t distrust others, the habit of lack of trust I your biggest enemy
Pressures in career, your own focus is lacking and obstacles are also there, when these two combine there are problems
Day special – any love relationship should be on the path of honesty and righteousness, don’t try to cheat anyone in a relationship
Investment in property can prove to be very lucky, even if you are trying to do some property related business then also it can prove beneficial
Do – maintain the strength of your relationships, that requires your care and warmth
Don’t – don’t put your money into any kind of risk, it can lead to problems
Despite your efforts there are issues which need to be handled better, generally lucky period, and there is nothing for which you should be unhappy
Day special – some love relationship may emerge, but pressures in relationships can still be there, especially your family relations needs to be handled with care
Your focus is towards emotions and relationships, but your career needs a lot of focus and heard work now
Do – stay calm, then there will be lot of protection in the weak areas
Don’t – don’t get into any confusions of mind, otherwise there can be misunderstandings
Your money and well being can be at risk, this is because you are being too forceful, don’t have any attitude which creates differences or disputes
Day special – the strength of career is emerging, because you are trying to progress in life, but all this effort is not without its share of problems
Your hard work will lead to improvement of your abilities, that is a long lasting improvement in life, tat can benefit you for a long time to come, even for a life time, that will lead to financial gains for you also
Do – spend time in your career, and also with your children, that is actually needed at this stage
Don’t – don’t be too sensitive, because that is a negative ness which is not required
Luck may favor you to emerge as a winner and achieve success, gain of money is also there is a very lucky manner
Day special – work related and family related pressures may be there, but all this is leading to your advantage only

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