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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

15th April 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Students can now gain from this newfound interest in studies, you can do it, remember that, in addition to your hard work luck will also support you
Day special – despite all this goodness you are still not convinced about your abilities, these are more in the form of concerns rather than worries, but there is no need for that
Expenses change of place and worries for home and family, these are the thoughts on your mind, but you can convert this into a situation of advantage also
Do – financially gainful period, but routine expenses must be controlled
Don’t – don’t neglect your home and family, by merely getting worried will not help
This is a period of gains for you, and g gains are directly in the ratio of your hard work, you have this burning desire in you which will give you success
Day special – your profession will directly get benefit from this effort or hard work which you are putting in at this moment
The pressures of business need to be removed, you need to put in more money in business, this is also possible as a result of higher financial prosperity
Do – to gain financial prosperity is a good thing, but try to maintain a balance in your life between money and your work related responsibilities
Don’t – don’t create a sense of dissatisfaction in your mind, because that will make your speech harsh
Very lucky period has started for you, but you have to take advantage of this period, psychologically you have to moderate your thinking, only then you will benefit
Day special – you have to chanelise your energies in the right direction, a positive outlook is required
Stressful period, routine pressures of work, even pressures from boss, fear of losses will bother you
Do – protect your self from cheating or backbiting
Don’t – don’t risk your career by any hasty decision taken without planning
Very lucky period for financial prosperity, but you want more, because of higher expectations you are dissatisfied
Day special – frustrations of mind can led to unhappiness, you must realize this fact fully
You wish to take your career to greater heights, but routine issues do not let that happen, you have to keep lot of patience to accomplish these desires
Do – continue to strive for gain of knowledge
Don’t – don’t get into the habit of fighting with others, that must be achieved by making efforts
Excellent period for professional growth again, you had been lethargic in the past few weeks, now is the time to forge ahead and overtake earlier weakness
Day special – luck may not support you as much as you expect, but as such everything is in control
Weak period, stress and tensions, pressures in home and family may increase and that makes you depressed
Do – maintain good relations in marriage and family, it is very essential at this stage
Don’t – don’t snap ties with others, don’t stop the commutations channels, talk write but communicate
You have to devote time towards keeping your relations smooth and sweet, this is especially true for marital relations
Day special – you have to learn to remain happy, there is some weakness in that trait
Some property related disputes can surface, that can cause pressure in your family also, you expect more form life but that can lead to disputes also
Do – students have to devote more time towards studies, psychologically you have to be more at peace
Don’t – don’t ignore any ailment, by ignoring it its proper diagnosis will not be possible

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