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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

9th April 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Your self confidence is high but you can still make mistakes, if you want to go away for studies then also you will have to work hard, otherwise it may not give you any benefit
Day special – in any love relationship you are not being honest in your thoughts, relations which are based on such weakness do not last long
Your attitude is positive and your friends are helpful, but there may be pressures of money, any family business can be good for you,
Do – gains from family or property are indicated, but you will not be able to save anything, try to save for difficult times
Don’t – don’t put your money in any speculative business, and don’t risk your money
You are really trying to work hard, but you are also being a bit rigid in your thinking, expenses have to be controlled,
Day special – some foreign connections or far off connections can be very favourable, it is the period to think about some change of job seriously
Excellent period for financial inflows, but you cannot consider any change as it may prove to be a wrong decision
Do – protect your self form any move connected with profession, change can not always be good, remember that
Don’t – don’t be too egoistic, success and luck may support you, but that can also make you egoistic
Financial pressures can be there, even career can be stressful, but this is due to your own mistakes, you have to protect your self from making these mistakes
Day special – conflicts or confusions have to be removed from your mind, have a lot of patience, don’t consider change of job unless you have considered all aspects carefully
Lucky period generally, but weakness in career, pressures or obstacles can be there, you will have to really work hard to establish your work
Do – wasteful expenses are continuing, do something about it
Don’t – don’t neglect the marriage and the happiness which it can give you
Your career is stable, you are doing fine, but not satisfied, financial expectations are more, but that is the day our society is moving,
Day special – for this reason and financial expectations don’t risk your money, losses or debts can increase by doing so
Very lucky period in every way, emotional inclination can be strong, but you should stay away from it
Do – plan your time and focus on essential areas of your life
Don’t – don’t get into work related pressures, don’t be too stressed on account of that
Psychological stress scan be there, you will have to be mild and not worry, lucky period generally in which family happiness will be ensured
Day special – career is weak but luck supports you and protects you, any financial problem or uneasiness can be on account of inaccurate information
Emotions are strong, relationships give you happiness, but the obstacles can upset everything, you have to understand as to what is right for you
Do – look forward to the protection from divinity, but from your side you also have a positive attitude
Don’t – don’t walk on the path of ill will for others only then God will protect you
Family uneasiness because you are too rigid and forceful in your attitude, differences in marriage can also be there
Day special – continue to involve towards your marriage, good sense will prevail one day and he or she will realize, emotional involvement in work place is unfortunate, don’t involve in that
Disputes with people who are important, even some government related problem ma emerge, but you have to be careful
Do – your career is stable, continue to work towards that, your hard will prove to be rewarding
Don’t – don’t get into any legal conflict, that can be unfortunate, try to resolve the differences

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