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Friday, April 4, 2008

4th April 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Luck supports you like never before, but you are taking too many chances, waste of money on luxuries is not good for you
Do – move ahead to achieve, next few days will prove beneficial for that
Don’t – don’t ignore your studies, students must understand this right from now
You are worried fro your career, some sudden obstacles from superiors can be there, but your financial position is strong and that can give you happiness
Day special – your savings may be under pressure but your regularity of income will be stable
Your career is shaping up well, you can gain from some partnership also, but your own involvement towards work is weak, that needs improvement
Do – your dependence on luck can actually benefit you
Don’t – don’t bring about needless changes or business expenses at this stage
Weak period, pressures oppositions and dissatisfactions, lot of patience is actually needed to protect your career in business your financial position is stable, but you are trying to risk that stability
Day special – your family is very supportive and give you lot of happiness, take a lot of blessings from your mother
Some love relationship is very strong and you want to convert it into marriage, but you have to take very careful decisions at this stage
Do – career is stable but for any growth you have to pay the price, that price is in the form of tensions
Don’t – don’t make mistakes in your forcefulness, you may annoy your boss by doing that
Some hidden issues in family are there, they can be connected with finances, don’t get into arguments that can harm you
Day special – avoid aggravated arguments connected with family issues even if you are right, you still must have patience
You are being too firm forceful and egoistic, that itself is a cause for trouble, you will have to be very mild to avoid this
Do – be very polite and humble at this stage, that will help you to achieve pleasant relations with others, that is required at this stage
Don’t – don’t enter into disputes with your creditors, if you can repay then don’t say no to repaying the loans which you have taken earlier
You can look forward to gains from property, this can be an auspicious move at this stage, even sale of property is also possible
Day special – your work is getting lot of support from others, that is in the form of appreciation of knowledge and abilities
Your efforts and hard work can become a forceful tool in your hands that can improve your career, you have already started thinking about it now
Do – you have very positive outlook towards yourself family and relations, maintain this goodness, it is a blessing
Don’t – don’t take any loan at this stage, protect your self form wasteful expenses also
Expenses are on your mind, and that puts a lot of pressure on you, career remains strong and you must gain from that
Day special – luck may not support you at this stage, but that is not required also, your own strength of work profession business is enough to give you lot of success and achievements
Excellent period fro gains from business, to even gain from your hard work, your studies are becoming very weak, that needs to be protected
Do – very lucky period for financial inflows, whatever you touch will turn into Gold
Don’t – don’t be dissatisfied, that is the negative ness which you carry
You are thinking of involvement in business and with these thoughts you are getting worried, actually there is no need to worry, you can transfer your profits into business and fresh investment is not needed,
Day special – the obstacles are increasing but you will be able to manage all this very well

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