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Thursday, April 24, 2008

24th April 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

The thoughts on your mind are to improve your performance and gain in life, but psychological pressures and family pressures do not let that happen, from your side your focus is positive, then why get so much depressed.
Do –work hard towards your goals, you will fulfill your dreams and aspirations, support from others in abundance.
Don’t – don’t let your own thinking cause obstacles in your path, when ever you think negatively the progress is reduced, don’t expect too much in any love relationship at this stage.
Any issue connected with home family and finances need careful handling, some pressures expenses or losses can be there, that leads to lot of confusions of mind even in your profession.
Day special – your money may be stuck and that give stress, change of place may look good but have its own minus points, be mild in relationships.
Your efforts will lead to gains for you in a big way, but don’t have a fighting nature as that can spoil those gains, psychologically be at peace, the bigger forces of divine blessing will give you everything what you want.
Do – depend on your friends, you will get support from them, even financial support
Don’t – don’t ignore the documents or some written material, that can cause upsets
Weak period for studies, even pressures in career connected with expenses change travels, but these pressures will be removed within next one week.
Day special – have patience, many things are under control, prosperity is intact, worries connected with career only
Generally lucky period for financial gains as well as overall prosperity, but your expectations are much bigger and that dissatisfies you, you are thinking of far off places and change of place, that is not required at this stage.
Do – luck supports immensely, take that in the form of blessing
Don’t – don’t ignore health, you are not taking care of that
Weak period because you are making mistakes, losses can be there and boss can be against you, your negative thinking will compound all these problems, career needs to be protected.
Day special – help from spouse, savings stable, love relationship remains under stress
Excellent period for financial gains, but routine expenses spoil those gains, even savings are adequate but you are dissatisfied, because of these dissatisfactions you can speak negatively also, but luck supports you in every step and there is nothing to worry.
Do – be pleasant towards others even if you are distressed, because in your weak period others should not be blamed,
Don’t – don’t get into differences with elders, they are generally supportive and trying to wish well for you, don’t have a pessimistic view about your finances.
Routine stress is immense, but in these stressful situations your profession shines, you can excel and prove yourself in such periods with positive attitude, but your hard work has to continue.
Day special – god is kind and your spouse is supportive, but you are dissatisfied that luck is not favoring you as much, stressful situation about home and family and also property will be removed soon.
Excellent period for career as your abilities shine, your hard work is actually responsible for these positive indications, but your extreme sensitive ness is not looking good, try to be stable psychologically.
Do – continue to gain from these excellent indications, family linkages can give happiness and prosperity,
Don’t – don’t be hash in your speech even if you are dissatisfied, certain psychological thoughts keep you under stress, but you have to move on in life.
Stressful period and differences of opinion have to be controlled, boss can be very forceful and a bit negative also, but god is kind in protective manner and nothing adverse will happen, the strength of your career will protect your own self-created mistakes also.
Day special – don’t put your money into any risky situation, that can lead to losses and cause depression as well, have patience and wait for the good times.
Your studies can benefit through your hard work, inherent weakness in the form of stress, to work with regularity and without any breaks, that is true for gain of knowledge for professional also.
Do – change your attitude towards profession, create an interest in your work, that leads to improved performance.
Don’t – don’t continue to have negative thinking, that is going to change very soon and the over all situation will become better, don’t therefore feel dejected on account of small issues here and there.
Gains from family, look for opportunities for investment in property also, raising loans can be easy at this stage, some routine pressures will be removed in the next 3 / 4 days.
Day special – in your own goodness you sometime become egoistic also, that leads to expectations from others, and that further leads to dissatisfactions, try to understand all this to gain happiness in life.

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