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Saturday, April 12, 2008

13th April 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Professionally you were stagnating for a while, very soon you will turn around and start growing again, till that time patience is needed
Day special – it is a period which is full of happiness, and also of self confidence, you will realize that a positive attitude can led to achievements, this period is supportive for that
You want to do so much more in life, this period will help you, your efforts will become forceful, the burning desire in your will prove to be rewarding
Do – financial pressures will be there, hence plan properly otherwise you will be stressed on that
Don’t – don’t think that money is the solution to all the problems, don’t think like that
Luck is supporting you in many ways, but there are too many ups and downs, financial position is stable but your $$$ may be needed for what you wish to do
Day special – your lack of interest in career has been continuing, that is why you must make efforts to improve your involvement
Very favourable period, gain of money from many areas, even unexpected sources of money can be there,
Do – differences in partnerships and relationships have to be controlled
Don’t – don’t be harsh in your speech, that can come because you are getting into that habit
High expenses but you are very keen to do those expenses, health pressures of probes but these are causing more of mental distress
Day special – financial pressures are there, but you are now gradually coming out of these pressures, in the coming days you will be able to accomplish this also
Weak period, health pressures because you are not taking proper treatment, , you are neglecting you health
Do – career is weak, because you are thinking negatively, far off position are on your mind but you are not taking adequate efforts towards them
Don’t – don’t hide anything from your boss, coming days may be stressful on that count
Favourable period for financial gains, but you have to learn to be happy and satisfied, your focus towards profession is very positive
Day special – your forcefulness may led to differences with others, especially in finances or family matters
You are trying to plan for your profession, but there are too many ups and downs, because your expectations are more
Do – financial pressures, not because inflows are weak, but because your outflows or expenses are high
Don’t – don’t become too forceful in the days to come, remember that humility has its own advantage
Don’t be to harsh in your speech or your actions, be very mild, that only will maintain your goodness in this period
Day special – time is coming to show case your abilities now, become forceful in your work and prove your abilities to others
Financial pressures because you can be cheated, try to understand the motives of others, only then the protection will emerge
Do – your marriage needs better care than what you are doing,
Don’t – don’t be uneasy with your professional maters, the pressures will be removed now gradually
Financial pressures should not convert into disputes, you are going to realize this is the coming days, then your focus and efforts will also improve
Day special – The support from others will also improve in the days to come, that will further improve your focus towards life
Your emotional inclinations can have hidden problems, because many things are hidden from you, you must try to maintain your goodness, that goodness is available in abundance
Do – the pressures on you of over work will be removed soon
Don’t – don’t be too critical in your attitude, don’t always find fault in others, that is not required

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