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Saturday, April 26, 2008

26th April 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

stress in relationships earlier, now things are moving forward, you can look forward to the clarity of thinking in the days to come, that can lead to settlement of marriage or happiness from love relationship
Do – depend on your elders and you will get all the support, in turn your elders will support you adequately and that will give happiness.
Don’t – don’t trying to find fault in others on small issues, every one has weaknesses, don’t try to highlight those weaknesses in others
Stressful period for you in family and relationships, financial pressures may be there and children may also give problems you are very distressed on all that
Day special – this is a period which requires lot of patience, especially on differences of opinion you have to be careful, it is best to have some patience at this stage
hard work lead to lot of gain of knowledge and skills, even far off linkages will benefit you in the long run, student wish to go away for studies, that can be a right choice.
Do – you can gain from changes in profession, in marriage you have to improve your emotional involvement.
Don’t – don’t ignore the need to invest in business, for that you may have to borrow from others also, don’t neglect this immediate need
Very favorable period for focus towards career, pressures earlier but focus is increasing now, still worried but worries will not solve problems
Day special –despite worries lot of protection in this period, losses in business and routine pressures in profession need to be controlled, keep yourself calm and maintain peace
Very auspicious period for your efforts to give results, financial prosperity is indicated in a big way, love relationship can be very strong, overall stable period and there is nothing to worry.
Do – continue to maintain the work, this will give you stability and happiness and above all prosperity
Don’t – don’t get into differences as a result of lack of information, you are very forceful in your attitude but you are worried also
Your money may be stuck and that is going to be a stressful situation, the family linkages are very stable and supportive, pressures in career may be immense which require lot of effort, don’t bring about needless changes at this stage
Day special – weak period which requires lot of careful handling, some amount of patience will also help, take this support of your well wishers at this stage, don’t borrow any money as that may be converted into loss only.
Your entire focus is on helping others and trying to take that help in return this is a mutually rewarding situation but routine pressures will continue
Do –take care of health, hard work is showing, it will give good rewards, students need to work better
Don’t – don’t carry the negativity of ego in you as that will lead to conflicts
Weak period, conflict with spouse leading to differences, you are being too rigid and forceful, try to put it the stability of your life
Day special – don’t have any fighting attitude, be very pleasant to others, especially to your boss or someone who is important in life
Financial gains are indicated in a big way, family and marital issues are stable and give you happiness, even some love relationship can be very rewarding, the weakness lies in your on efforts which need to be improved
Do – cover this weakness adequately, work hard so that the auspiciousness of this period is further enhanced.
Don’t – don’t let pressures overtake you to spoil the stability of your life, your expenses and outflows can be upsetting also, don’t do anything without proper planning
Very auspicious period generally but very upsetting at the same time, the stability is there but pressures will also mount, routine pressures and differences of opinion can cause upsets, even your boss needs to be handled better
Day special – any family or property related matter can cause upsets, that needs very careful handling and lot of patience, in marriage also don’t be so rigid on account of these pressures
Very auspicious period in an every way, financial prosperity is ensured to give you lot of happiness, career stable gives you immense pleasure, hard work will lead to excellent performance in your studies, day to day efforts must be maintained with regularity
Do – support others and others will support you, this holds true for cooperation and support in family as well as in marriage.
Don’t – don’t take any loan at this stage as it is not required, if you take that loan it may not flow fully towards your needs, some of it may be lost in routine expenses
Stressful period in career, generally career is stable but your thinking makes it stressful because of financial pressures, money is required for investment in property, that push puts pressures on your savings also
Day special –business or career is stable, small issues have to be handled with lot of intelligence, your expenses can lead to financial pressures as well as some differences of opinion.

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