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Thursday, April 17, 2008

17th April 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

If you have some love relationship at your work place, then how long will you keep it hidden
Day special – discuss your issues or concerns with others your parents, well-wishers any one, that will help you
Change of place is on your mind because you are not satisfied at your present place, but many confusions and dissatisfactions will be there
Do – generally stable and financially happy period, try to maintain this goodness
Don’t – don’t risk your money because you are thinking very strongly about changes, your boss can be against you
Your own focus can be positive to give you gains, you may want to gain from friends but they may be fulfilled only partially
Day special – gains from friends is possible only if you trust others and also convey that faith and trust to others
Consider some change of job or business at this stage, you can gain from this change or effort
Do – if you bring about any change in your situation then do it with a lot of self-confidence not half-heartedly
Don’t – don’t ignore the help and support of your elders or parents, even if they seem to be critical in their behavior
Very auspicious period, especially for personal well-being, and monetary inflows, stress may still be there
Day special – believe in your self, only then the full potential of this period will emerge
Weak period, don’t undertake any change, your financial position or your career can be under stress
Do – maintain the stability of your career, take support form others, it is available to you in abundance
Don’t – don’t be too rigid in your attitude, otherwise lot of obstacles will come, just have patience
Financial gains and overall prosperity is ensured, but with your stiff attitude you can make mistakes
Day special – you should not risk your money in any new venture at this stage
Your career can progress well, gains from business are ensured, there is divine blessing available to you for that
Do – steep rise in your career is possible if you work hard for it
Don’t – don’t make mistakes even if you think that you are right, consider the other persons point of view also
Your luck will support you to progress well in your career, even students will benefit from these forces
Day special – marriage or any relationship must be based on trust, that only will give happiness
Pressures in home and family, that will make you very uneasy, but the circumstances will change for you soon, just about a month more
Do – financial matters need to be resolved with care
Don’t – don’t get into any legal hassle connected with home property etc.
You will get a lot of support from your children as well as your family, try to improve your speaking or writing abilities
Day special – remember that many things are stable for you, then why are you so dissatisfied
You will gain from property, from disputes or from both, discussion or dialogue is important to resolve the issues
Do – you can invest in property and gain from it
Don’t – don’t be so forceful in any love relationship, your desires may be wrong

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