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Friday, April 25, 2008

25th April 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

dependence on luck for gain in career, too many ups and downs of thinking, many positive changes in the coming days.
Day special – luck supports you adequately but you will have to have faith in yourself, from your side you are trying to do so much, but mentally you are not as satisfied as you should be.
Your concerns about home and family are there, you are too involved in gainful pursuits of career only, that is where the balance in life has to be achieve.
Do – just try to create this balance of thinking, devote time towards your family and children, they need that support.
Don’t – don’t be critical in your attitude, don’t try to find fault in others always, have trust in others.
Gainful situation in many ways, family happiness in prosperity is ensured, gains from business are also indicated, but certain sudden obstacles bother you,
Day special – have trust in your spouse; look at the goodness in other that will really help you to find happiness in your present situation.
Don’t think that money is everything, but your expenses for business make you think so, you are also trying to raise some loans, but try to invest judiciously to avoid wastages.
Do – business need investment, that has to be done, but try to do very careful planning for all that.
Don’t – don’t try to increase your expenses in your own forcefulness, in this thought you are very egoistic and stiff in your attitude, don’t do that as it can lead to upsets.
Generally lucky period but you don’t have faith in yourself, financially supportive period but stress of work does not give you the happiness, avoid differences with employees and subordinates.
Day special – if you have faith in your self your studies will prosper, that will make your destiny and that is indicated in the chart, god is kind in many ways hence be thankful to god
Thoughts for far off places bother you, that lead to distress in your mind, you want to stay where you are staying, any change is distressful and causes problems.
Do – try to put forward your viewpoint to the people who matter, the results may not be positive immediately but have patience.
Don’t – don’t create a dispute in any way, this includes professional disputes as well as personal disputes, differences in love relationships can be stressful, this is also on account of lack of stress.
Excellent period for financial prosperity, your efforts towards career are also strong, and your friend will support you everyway, your friends have strong links to help you in many ways.
Day special – despite all these goodness you fear that is this prosperity should continue, for that there are routine stress and expenses our your mind which causes these upsets, try to maintain psychological stability for that.
You efforts and knowledge will help you to gain prosperity in life, your creativity is immense but there are ups and downs in that, career remain stressful but that is passing situation, you are already gradually coming out of those pressures
Do – try to gain from the goodness of this continued period in which your humility and knowledge will help you
Don’t – don’t let routine and increased pressure of work make you think that something is wrong, actually nothing is wrong.
You are getting too dependent on luck , life is not made like that and lot of constant hard work is required, luckily career is sttable, increased expectations cause upsets
Day special – in emotional relationships as well as in the attitude of your horse don’t have lack of trust because you are trying to base your decisions on lack of knowledge
Stressful period in many ways hidden obstacles, some one may cheat you, that person can be a apparent well wisher but may have hidden thoughts about you, this will put pressure in your family situation also
Do – in a situation like this where you may be subject to cheating you have to trust others with lot of care but at the same time be optimistic towards life.
Don’t – don’t get into financial disputes, that can lead to further losses and the fact of cheating and losses is interlinked
Prosperous period generally but your thoughts are for relationships, your spouse may be very strong and in a fighting mood, but you have to support without any conditions and in a constant manner.
Day special – financial prosperity will take care of many weaknesses but from your side you have to have faith in your relationships and in your supporters, your supporters are strong but may have hidden thoughts in there mind.
Career is stable but you are dissatisfied, differences with bosses have to be controlled, you cannot enter into arguments unnecessarily, that can lead to differences as well as loss for you.
Do – try to repay loans if possible, the pressures on account of that can be immense, that will also spoil the overall good ness of your life and prosperity.
Don’t – don’t try to cheat any one, have a righteous path, don’t ignore career, that is a strong area

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