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Monday, April 14, 2008

14th April 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Health related issues may increase, differences with spouse may also increase, but try to make the best of this period for doing some creative work
Do – coming days will improve your efforts that will also benefit children in studies
Don’t – don’t have this thought in your mind that you can do well in studies without studying properly
Financial position is weak, your savings are under pressure, your fixed expenses are more, there is no other weakness
Day special – the strengths which you have are many, your focus is excellent, you are trying to work hard, but your expectations are very high
You wish to invest in your business, but it is better to wait for a few days, the present planetary influences must change before you take that step
Do – you may not be honest in some love relationship
Don’t – don’t have a lethargic attitude, that will lead to pressures in your career
Your over confidence and your dependence on luck is not good, financial position is becoming very strong, because of that you are putting your money into risk
Day special – travels expenses changes in life or career, all these have to be postponed for a while
You will loose money unless you are careful, just because you are doing well in profession you cannot be rigid in your attitude, that will lead to problems
Do – generally a lucky period for you, you boss will now support you, take this advantage
Don’t – don’t be cheated by some one, don’t be careless, otherwise you will have to bear this loss
Financial position is stable, because of that you are not devoting time towards your profession, that can put pressure on you
Day special – your lack of focus can led to your boss turning against you, that protection is needed
You think that everything is alright, in that forcefulness you are ignoring many important things, career may be stable, but obstacles or disputes have to be controlled
Do – remain calm, to remain humble is important at times
Don’t – don’t give to much importance to money at this stage, some poise in that is also needed
Pressures and obstacles can cause reduction of your abilities, work related pressure is more and will remain so, accept this reality
Day special – what is important in life, having more work or having no work, you decide for yourself
All kinds of pressures on you, but very soon they all will be removed, this is the period to remain committed and tomorrow will be another day, that may bring betterment
Do – you are trying to gain knowledge, that can make your destiny
Don’t – don’t ignore that you have responsibilities towards your family, you cannot run away from that
Generally stable period, protect your self form day to day differences at your work place, luck is not needed at this stage, you are working well
Day special – protect your self from pressures in family also, this may remain for some time, hence some patience is needed
Even your efforts are not able to improve your studies, but soon this situation will change, even some love relationships may also be under stress
Do – devote time towards the care of your health, that is important
Don’t – don’t be stressed, these are passing moments, your overall situation wills tart looking up soon
Love relationship is strong, but converting into marriage is a weak situation, you will have to think about it seriously and also have patience
Day special – Health issues need to be attended, especially if it is related with fever or some unknown infections

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