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Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday 24 May 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Psychological stress can be there connected with finances and your work, but you have the goodness that you can work hard and improve your circumstances
Do – The most important thing is to remain calm and keep your patience, only then you will be able to accomplish your task against all odds
Don’t – Don’t show unstable thoughts, actions or behavior, that is very important to pass through this period and to come out successful, a little bit of effort can actually benefit you
Vrish – Enormous ability is in you to work and to achieve, especially to improve your knowledge and skills this can be a remarkable effort from your side
Day special – For studies or for improving your overall circumstances you may be thinking of moving to a far off place also, that effort may have to be sustained over a period of time, plan well and you will be able to execute those plans also
Mithun – You are very keen to invest your money judiciously at this stage, whether in property or otherwise this can be a profitable situation
Do – Some stress or finances on account of this investment can still be there, you will also have to face instability or some obstacles in the process, still you should consider this investment
Don’t – Don’t forget that the overall pattern is helpful and gainful, you are likely to gain from many sources at this stage as the circumstances are well placed like that
Karka – Your determination to work and perform is enormous, despite obstacles you have the ability and you are putting that to abundant use
Day special – The best advantage you may get is to improve your weaknesses in your work, even for the purpose of improving your relationships with others this can prove to be advantageous effort
Simha – Your past pleasant memories are making you happy, but you are also remembering some of the disagreements which has created misunderstandings for you in the past
Do – Still this period is remarkable for financial prosperity, you are somewhat stressed because you have to stay away from your own people, that is where the weakness lies
Don’t – Don’t forget that your relationships need to be nurtured better, if you carry confusions or dissatisfactions on your mind they will not help, don’t let that happen
Kanya – Your motivation is high but your efforts are not matching to achieve what you wish to achieve, for that reason you are getting into stress and difficulties yourself for various reasons
Day Special – In some love relationship you are facing problems, you are not able to sustain the goodness of your circumstances because of your own actions, that is where the problem lies
Tula – You are constantly seeking change and those thoughts are not giving you stability, for that reason you think that your supporters are not fair towards you and you feel stressed
Do – Funds needs to be arranged to fulfill your responsibilities, you feel that your own people are not fulfilling their responsibilities towards you also, but you will have to change your own thinking
Don’t – Don’t forget that money matters need to be cared with patience, you cannot take risks unnecessarily and create problems for yourself in the bargain
Vrishchik – Luck is favoring you like never before, your own hard work though unstable is still supporting you immensely at this stage
Day special – Your own knowledge and abilities are going to help you to overcome many factors, especially the issues of your irregularity your knowledge will cover up many deficiencies
Dhanu – Psychological pressures may be there on you, these may include factors of travel or far off linkages also
Do – Keep patience and you will realize that many things are under control, personal happiness is more important in life than thinking of matters which are not of immediate concern
Don’t – Don’t depend on luck unnecessarily, don’t ignore the views of your boss, don’t forget that career remains important
Makar – To maintain good personal relationships you will have to discuss your matters, especially in home and family or in marriage, you will have to take that care
Day special – On account of monetary matters your personal life has been stressed, you have to understand the other persons’ viewpoint also and control your own instability
Kumbh – You are getting under pressure for various diverse reasons, you are thinking of changes, you have misunderstandings to handle, many of these issues have been created by you yourself
Do – Keep patience and control your own mistakes, especially take care of your health also side by side
Don’t – Don’t forget that personal relationships have to be nurtured with care and with affection, if you carry doubts for others then it may lead to problems only
Meena – Some love relationship has to be carried forward to the next level, but it requires lot of understanding and lot of careful planning
Day special – Luck may not help you as much as you want, but your own people can be convinced if you talk to them and make them understand your viewpoint, that is important to do

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