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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday 18 May 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh: you are highly motivated to take big decisions or look for big changes, but you have to protect yourself from pressures which may be there side by side

Do: the opportunities which you have may seem very lucrative, for that reason you will have to give it a serious thought, but for matters connected with work you have to be careful

Don’t: don’t forget that this period continues to show your involvement abundantly, you own hard work is showing and that is giving you the opportunities in this manner

Vrishabh: excellent period for financial prosperity, but there are many issues which have to be handled side by side as you cannot go wrong on them

Day special: you have to protect your financial position in two ways, firstly avoid taking any risk to avoid your money getting stuck, secondly your routine outflows must have proper planning otherwise this period may become wasteful

Mithun: overall professional stability is well indicated, your positive thinking is giving you many favorable situations from which you can take advantage

Do: your own people can be helpful to you at this stage, you have to take that help and advise which can be very beneficial

Don’t: don’t forget that there are challenges which you have to face side by side, those may include certain pressures or obstacles from personal life which will have to be handled also carefully

Karka: extremely auspicious period in many ways, but your impulsiveness and your uneasiness can reduce this goodness also

Day special: Disagreements in life can be there on account of your own thinking, you will have to therefore communicate with others in a manner which may resolve those misunderstandings

Simha: financial position may be stable but you cannot risk your money unnecessarily, there is need for you to take careful financial decisions for safe investments

Do: in some love relationship also there are many hidden factors which are not giving you happiness, you are stressed for this very reason for which peace and patience is required

Don’t: don’t therefore be impulsive in your thoughts or in your actions, care is most important at this stage to safeguard from upsets

Kanya: personal life issues are well indicated, there is happiness in home and family and your people are caring towards you

Day special: routine kind of issues have to be ignored, small issues should not be made big to create problems, for that reason lot of patience is required

Tula: your efforts may be strong and sustainable, but in the process you are getting into stressful situations also side by side

Do: avoid being too egoistic, forcefulness from your side should not cause uneasiness and discomfort for others

Don’t: don’t forget that there are many supportive situations but don’t plan for anything big or any big change as the period is unstable for that

Vrishchik: Some love relationship is becoming strong and can resurface in strength, but you are worried and you are apprehensive and not fully convinced

Day special: your own thoughts of uneasiness are quite valid, you cannot destabilize your life for something in which you are yourself not convinced, you will have to therefore take very careful decisions and follow the voice of your heart.

Dhanu: personal life is happy and enjoyable, your resolve to take care of others will bring lot of cheer to you in the process

Do: take care of your family as much as you can, this is a strong period to strengthen those ties which will eventually prove to be advantageous to you

Don’t: don’t create any lack of trust in your mind for others, you must give people around you enough freedom and space which they require, that will give goodness to you in return

Makar: your abilities are abundant and you are able to work hard to strengthen them, even your communications skills can bring lot of harmony in the process

Day special: but psychologically you have to understand that problem should not be created from your side, they are not only needed and they cannot be initiated with your own negative thinking

Kumbh: excellent period for your savings and for your asset creation, you have to put your money into proper use and proper investments

Do: side by side your relationships have to be taken care of, your own people will be supportive of your views and that is the goodness which you carry

Don’t: don’t forget that work is also important, it cannot be neglected at any cost, you have to devote time and energy towards that at this stage

Meena: remarkable period for overall well being, work is remarkable and your own prosperity and goodness is evident

Day special: gains from your own people can become strong with your own involvement, you have to take care of others and others will take care of you, that goodness you carry which must be carried forward

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